Haiti Environment - Police raid 3 warehouses for styrofoam and plastics

Port-au-Prince Haiti - There is a ban on plastics bags and Styrofoam containers in Haiti. Haitian police have raided 3 warehouses in the capital. more raids are expected in other parts of the country.

In most of the major cities in Haiti there is clear evidence that styrofoam containers, plastic bottles, and plastic bags and other non bio-degradable products have littered the streets and the clogged the flood canals.

The Haitian government wants to do something about this but how good is the Haitian government at enforcing the law? can they really keep these products out of circulation in Haiti?

What is the alternative solution to styrofoam in Haiti?

Haiti environment minister, Jean Francois Thomas, says...

"Haitians bought food and brought along their own metal containers to take it home. What's wrong with doing that again?"

The environment minister is not lying... When I was a kid growing up in Haiti, my mother used to send me to the restaurant with a big bowl to carry the food. These days, styrofoam containers have replaced these bowls and, once you finish eating in Haiti, there is not really an effective way to discard of the trash. I've seen people just roll down the window and throw it out...

What do you think about this ban?

Are you for or against it?

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