Haiti MONEY - Why Everything in Haiti cost 5 Gourdes or 5 Gourdes increments

I asked an average Haitian living in Haiti: "Why does everything on the market cost "5 gourdes, 10 gourdes, 25 gourdes, 50 gourdes, 100 gourdes? OR WORSE... 100 DOLA... " His answer will shock you!

Haitian Currency - Haitian Money - 1 Gourde
Haitian Currency - Haitian Money - 1 Gourde

Question: When was the last time you received less than 5 gourdes as change in Haiti?

You can answer my question but first... listen to what the man said...

First of all, the man answered my question with a question:

"Banm poze-w yon keksyon, Ki dènye fwa ou te gen YON goud nan pòsh ou?"

"Let me ask you," he says, "When was the last time you had '1 Gourde' in your pocket? Degouden (HTG 50 cents)? 25 kòb?" he laughed...

"Huhhhhh.... Ehhhhh... Hmmmmm..."

I didn't have an answer. I don't remember the last time I had a '1 Gourde' in my pocket! And, honestly, the last time I saw a "50 Centimes" (half of a gourde) I took a picture, You probably have to go to a museum to see a "Degouden / 50 kòb" in Haiti.

"E byen, se pwoblèm nan sa wi... Machann k-ap vann ou an pa gen monnen pou-l ba ou... Li chaje-w 5 goud pou tout bagay... Abitan ki vinn vann zoranj, sitron, ak epis nan mache-a, li lote tout a 5 goud! Si li vann ou pou goud e-dmi, kote l-pral jwen monnen pou-l ba ou?"

"That IS the problem, " he says, "The the old merchant lady you are buying from does not have it either.."

"Since you don't have 'goud e-dmi' (1.50 gourdes) to give her for your purchase," he continues, and she cannot give you back '3 goud e-dmi' (3.50 gourdes) of change to return to you after your purchase, she charges you 5 gourdes for everything, for the same exact thing that is probably worth goud e-dmi.

What are you going to do about it? You cannot bargain for less?

So now, in Haiti, 5 gourdes (Yon dola haitien, Yon Adoken), is what you get back as change when you purchase out of 25, 50, or 100 gourdes.

Yep... "5 gourdes" the least common denominator in Haitian Currency these days. It's the least you can spend for bread, candy, and anything that, once upon a time, cost "10 kòb"

What is the unit of currency in Haiti? Goud? Dola?

If the GOURDE is the unit of currency in Haiti, why is it that it is no where to be found?

When was the last time you received less than 5 gourdes as change in Haiti?

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Senkant Kob: Once upon a time, this was equivalent to a dime in the United States (Haiti Money - Haitian currency)   Haiti Currency - 5 Gourdes (Adoken)   Haiti Money - 50 Kob - Degouden   Haiti Money - 5 Gourdes   Haitian currency - coins   Haitian Currency - Haitian Money - 100 Gourdes   5 Gourdes, haiti money   20 Centimes, Haiti Coins, year 1881  

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Anna says...

oum dako canada pa fe cen rouge enko epi moune yo sot tro loin desfois pou yo vinn venn e fok yo bail timoune mange bwe peye lecol tout ou met tende tout bagail ou ka viv haiti ou achte 5 goudes cann ou 5 goude pistach pi ou bwe dlo lotjou oum rive haiti lagenm fini grangou manke pete fiel mwen si bagail 5 goude sa yo pat

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Patsy says...

It has been sometime since I have received less than 5

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Eliassaint Jules says...

The last time I receive less than 5 gourdes of change in Haiti that was in 1993, I remembered my mom asked me to go buying rice, oil, and so one, after, I never see this again.

the problem l'etat haitien imbecile, yo pa konnen koman pou yo faire kob pou caisse leta, cents yo taxe yo ta dwe ye men leta se yo bann moun ki fek sot fe kanaval, et puis yo vin leta ou byen yo te père et yo vin faire parti

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