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More than 1 year after MINUSTAH left, how is the Haitian Police doing?

PHOTO: Haiti - New Police Graduates, 25th Promotion It's been 14 months since the United Nations peacekeeping MINUSTAH forces left Haiti and the Haitian police have been doing their best to maintain law and order as the only forces in a country that is not very easy to govern. In your opinion, how is the Haiti's Police Nationale (PNH) doing? more »

Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty Haiti is free from MINUSTAH at last...

PHOTO: Haiti Peacekeeping Mission - MINUSTAH lowers its flag on Haiti, this mission is over After 13 years of MINUSTAH in Haiti, UN peacekeepers lower the United Nations flag. Many Haitians are saying "Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty Haiti is free from MINUSTAH at last..." But are we really free? And for how long? more »

MINUSTAH has Finally Left HAITI For Good, the last Brazilian contingent left...

Haitien, MINUSTAH Ale, MINUSTAH Resi Kite Peyi a... For every Haitian who's been waiting the the day when MINUSTAH leaves Haiti, your prayers have been answered... The last Brazilian contingent has left Haiti, MINUSTAH ale tout bon vre!!! more »

Finally, U.N. Admits Role in Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

Minustah = Kolera For the first time since a cholera epidemic believed to be imported by United Nations peacekeepers began killing thousands of Haitians nearly six years ago, the office of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has acknowledged that the United Nations played a role in the initial outbreak and that a "significant new set of U.N. actions" will be needed to respond to the crisis. more »

Haiti Cholera - UN could have prevented Haiti cholera epidemic with a $2,000 health kit, study reveals

Minustah = Kolera Haiti Cholera Update -- Have you heard? The devastating Haiti cholera epidemic could have been prevented if only the United Nations had used a basic health kit for a total of less than $2,000, scientists have found... more »

Haiti - MINUSTAH Extends Mandate until 15 October 2016, This may be the LAST Time!

MINUSTAH Soldier In Front of Haiti White House The UN Security Council has just extended its Peacekeeping mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) until October 15, 2016 BUT... This may be the very LAST YEAR that the mission will be in Haiti... They are leaving good this time... NO more extension... more »

Haiti - MINUSTAH Soldiers from Bolivia Leaving the Country

MINUSTAH - Hasta La Vistah MINUSTAH is definitely leaving Haiti... The Bolivian contingent to United Nations peacekeeping mission to Haiti (MINUSTAH) has already packed their bags and they are out the door... more »

Haiti MINUSTAH Troops leaving the Country, Equator and Argentina troops packing their bags...

MINUSTAH - Hasta La Vistah Haiti MINUSTAH Troops are packing their bags... By April, UN Peacekeeping Troops from Argentina and Equator will say good bye to Haiti for good... All troops from Equator will be gone, All but 70 medical troops from Argentina will also return home... more »

Haiti - Uruguay MINUSTAH Troops to Drop to 250 soldiers by end of 2015

MINUSTAH - Hasta La Vistah The MINUSTAH soldiers in Haiti are about to see a drop in number... Uruguay parliament has recently decided to cut the 605 soldiers, part of the United Nation Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH), by 60 percent reducing it down to 250 by 31 December 2015... more »

EBOLA - Haiti Blocks Entry of MINUSTAH Soldiers from Senegal until they are tested for the EBOLA Virus

Could MINUSTAH bring EBOLA to Haiti? Haitian Authorities have demanded that a contingent of Senegalese MINUSTAH soldiers be tested for the EBOLA Virus before they travel to Haiti to replace others already on the ground... more »