Haiti Poultry - 8 Chickens Dead in 5 days - Maladi Poul deyo!

Haiti - Yon poul ki malad - Maladi Poul deyo (A sick chicken) It's sick chicken season in Haiti... Last week, I lost 8 of my 12 chickens in the back yard and it made me feel sorry for all the Haitian men and women from the countryside who earn a living raising chicken... I just found out lots of chickens across Haiti get sick and die each and every year... "Maladi Poul" Haitians call it... more »

Haitian Cuisine - Can a Haitian Cook without MAGGI?

Bouillon Cubes - Haitians call them all MAGGI I was reading an article online that says: "Maggi is in every meal in West Africa" and I started laughing because I know that virtually everything you eat in Haiti has a bouillon cube in it... Haitian women have been using Maggi bouillon cubes for cooking for so long that the Creole word for Bouillon Cube is MAGGI... Yo mete Maggi nan tout bagay... But do you know how bad this stuff is for you health? Keep on reading... more »

Pintade - Poule du Pharaon, Poule prefere des Haitiens LOL...

Haitian Pintade - The Helmeted Guinea Fowl Pou tout Haitien ki renmen mange PINTADE yo, li saa: La principale pintade domestique est nommée « poule d'Inde » au Moyen Age puis « poule du pharaon » et « pintade » lorsqu'un navigateur vénitien au service du Portugal en ramènera un spécimen d'Afrique de l'Est... more »

Refrigeration in Haiti - Why do Haitians in Haiti simply hate leftover refrigerated food?

Haiti - Refrigeratè saa se DLO sèlman ki glase ladan li... In America, Haitians in the Diaspora call leftover food "YESTERDAY" but in Haiti they call it "Manje Dòmi." Nobody wants to eat manje dòmi... I have a cousin who likes his water freezing cold but he will not eat any food if it spends one night in the refrigerator... Why is that so? more »

Haiti PIG Population at Risk of Deadly Epidemic - Haiti pig farmers are in deep trouble...

Haiti - Yon ti Cochon ki mare nan kod - kanè bank malere Bad news for Haitian Farmers... There is another epidemic waiting in line to attack Haiti... This time it is the PORK population, more than one million, whose life is in danger... Haiti Department of Agriculture has just issued an alert about Porcine Epidemic diarrhea (PED) a deadly pig disease may cause havoc in the pig population... more »

Many Haitians cook everything with coconut Oil but do they understand the health benefits?

My Haitian cousin drinking fresh coconut water I know in some parts of Haiti women use coconut in every food they cook... Especially in Les Cayes I've been told... But it wasn't until recently that I discovered that coconut oil is basically the best oil in the world... So I am wondering... Are these people aware of the health benefits or is it just an accidental habit? more »

Does the average Haitian farmer know how much Nitrogen Corn Needs to Grow?

Planting Corn in Haiti About Agriculture in Haiti --- I was standing in my little backyard farm in Haiti this morning wondering what makes corn grow... A quick search on the Internet and I found out that corn (Maize) needs nitrogen to grow... I wonder if the average Haitian farmer knows that... I also made another discovery... more »

Happy New Year 2014 - Happy 210 Haiti Independence Day!

Soup Joumou, Haitian Freedom Soup Today is a Happy new year for everyone around the world but for Haiti and Haitians around the world, January 1st 2014 is also the 210th Independence day of the Republic of Haiti... So... Happy New year and Happy Independence Day... more »

Eggs Import into Haiti from Dominican Republic decreased by 86.3%

Eggs Imported to Haiti from Dominican Republic READ THIS... The importation of chickens and eggs from the Dominican Republic into Haiti has greatly diminished... In the case of eggs, imports from DR decreased by 86.3%... If that is the case, it means Haiti is producing a lot MORE eggs these days to meet demands... more »

Haiti - WFP wants to buy 1,750 tons of rice locally produced

Agriculture in Haiti, Very Primitive Some good news for the Haitian farmers - The World Food Programme (WFP) has launched a new competitive tender (appel d'offre) for the supply of 1,750 metric tons of rice locally produced by farmers' organizations for their school feeding program. more »