Haiti : The Mango Season, Haiti should plant more mangos to export to the USA

PHOTO: Haiti - Mango Fransik It is spring in Haiti, the mango season is coming. Haiti should export all types of mangos: Mango corn, mango labiche, mango fil, mango rond, mango peau fin, mango cannelle, etc... more »

10 Facts About Hunger In Haiti - Read This...

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon bèl plat Diri Sòs Pwa ak Vyann bò Latibonit, 50 Goud The World Food Programme (WFP) recently released a list of 10 facts about Hunger in Haiti... Sad but true, these 10 facts are real and threaten the live of many if nothing is done about it... more »

Hunger in Haiti - The Street Protests have Begun and may Soon Multiply

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation - Si w Grangou Leve Kanpe!!! People are hungry in Haiti and some organizations took to the streets Friday to protest against the lack of jobs, being hungry, and the extreme poverty that exists in the country... This may only be the beginning protests organizers are saying... more »

Haiti Economy - FOOD Prices Sky HIGH in Port-au-Prince, Buyers and Sellers are Screaming

PHOTO: Haiti Food Shopping - Gode Diri - Rice Measuring Cup In Port-au-Prince Haiti, food shoppers and vendors alike are complaining about the sharp increase in food prices these days... everything is expensive, really expensive, rice, beans, sugar, you name it... "With such high prices on the local market, people will starve," one vendor told newspaper Le Nouvelliste... more »

Haiti - ALL These Tomatoes for 75 Gourdes, about $1.25 US, Great Deal OR La Vie Cher?

PHOTO: Haiti - Fresh Tomatoes - Cost: 75 Haitian Gourdes A Haitian farmer walks by my house in Hinche Haiti with a big "panier" of organic tomatoes and sells me a one-gallon bucket full of tomatoes for 75 gourdes... That's about $1.25 US for more than 60 medium tomatoes... Is that a great deal OR "La Vie Cher"? more »

Haiti Donations - Japan Donates 6,727 metric tons of rice to Haiti

PHOTO: Haitian man taking a nap with a bag of rice under his head Haiti has just received a LARGE donation in the form or rice bags from Japan... 6,727 metric tons of rice, an estimated 223,347 bags or rice was officially received by Haiti from the government of Japan Friday... more »

Haiti Economy - Official, Haiti is BACK in the Banana EXPORT Business...

PHOTO: Haiti Agriculture - Bananas Ready for Export Haiti Economy/Agriculture -- After many many years, Haiti is back on the map as an exporter of Banana... For the first time since 1955, Haiti is exporting this commodity... A BIG cargo ship arrived in Cap-Haitien Tuesday to pickup the first shipment of organic bananas from ARGITRANS, all 100 tons of it, Destination Germany... more »

Haiti Cuisine - 10 goud LALO bay tout kay la manje - Mesi Manman Doudou LOL...

PHOTO: Haiti - Legume LALO ak Vyann Mezanmi... Pri tout manje importe ap monte nan peyi Dayiti akoz dola US la k-ap vale teren... Men Gras Bondye, LALO vann 3 pake pou 10 goud nan mache Hinche jiskaprezan... Sa fè-m anvi chante: "Manman Doudou, Papa Cheri, ban nou manje, LALO peyi!" LOL... more »

Haiti - Manman Doudou, 3eme Edition, 16-17 Mai OAVCT Tabarre

Haiti - Manman Doudou, Papa Cheri Mèt Fè Vèt (Harry Nicholas) envite tout moun nan 3eme edition Manman Doudou jounen Samedi 16 ak Dimanche 17 Mai 2015 la nan OAVCT, Tabarre, Port-au-Prince Haiti... Fwa saa se pap manje lokal selman, se pwal yon gro mache agrikol manmam doudou pou 29 produits local... Rantre Gratis... more »

Haiti bans import of Fruits and Vegetables from Dominican Republic

PHOTO: Fruits and Vegetables Haiti Ministry of Agriculture has just placed a BAN on the import of fruits and vegetables from the Dominican Republic in order to avoid the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) from entering Haitian borders.... more »