Kalalou Gonbo BETTER than VIAGRA??? No Way...

In Haiti, OKRA is called KALALOU Have you heard... Kalalou Gonbo (okra) is better than VIAGRA... Hard to believe but its all over the Internet... So from now on ladies, you may want to offer your man some "diri ak kalalou" from time to time and let me know if it is true what they say... LOL... more »

FOUR times more EGGS produced in Haiti now, Michel Chancy says

Dr Michel Chancy, Secretaire d 'Etat a la Production Animale (SEPA) The egg-laying industry is growing more and more in Haiti since the controversial Dominican egg import ban... FOUR times more eggs are being produced in Haiti everyday, according to Dr Michel Chancy, Secretaire d'Etat a la Production Animale (SEPA)... Better for the Haitian marketplace... more »

Moringa Tree - Every Haiti House should plant TWO In the back yard

Moringa, the miracle tree Watch this video... I just found out about Moringa Oleifera, they call it the miracle tree, a tree so High with vitamins and nutrients that every house in Haiti should have TWO planted in the back yard... more »

Ap rive on le, Si-w pa genyen JADEN, ou pap ka manje!

Bannan miske, pwa je nwa, mayi vet, Pwodui jaden Haiti Sè jou si, manje vini telman chè, sa fè yon nèg anvi retounen sou ti demi kawo tè papa-w te kite andeyò-a pou al plante kèk bagay ladan li... Menm Ozetazini y'ap ankouraje Ameriken pou fè ti jaden, plante ti tomat devan lakay yo... more »

Chicken in Haiti are laying MORE EGGs these days... LOL...

Live Chicken - Poul Di Haiti, Tou Vivan GOOD NEWS... Poultry farming is on the rise in Haiti... More chicken and more eggs being sold in Haiti are coming from Haitian poultry farms than ever before... There is no denying that this is a great business opportunity... more »

Food Conservation in Haiti: Eat the whole thing before it spoils...

Bannan miske, pwa je nwa, mayi vet, Pwodui jaden Haiti Yes Haiti is a poor country but, as far as FOOD is concerned, I think a lot of it is going to waste... There seems to be a lack good food conservation techniques in application in Haiti that I can see... more »

Kenscoff Mayor Blocks Foreign Media from Filming Inside Marketplace

Haiti - Groceries From the Local Marketplace A couple of celebrity chefs went to Kenscoff Haiti to tour a farmers market accompanied by journalists, the mayor of Kenscoff said no, they cannot come in. more »

Haiti fish consumption below world average, One man's plan to fix that

A Small Fishing Boat in Haiti When it comes to dining in Haiti, people talk more about their 'Poul Di' then fish, considered an important part of a healthy diet. Perhaps it is because Haiti produces much less fish than it needs to consume. more »

New Agriculture Project in Northern Haiti - Feed The Future North (FTFN)

Corn Field in Haiti - The Countryside The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has teamed up with the Government of Haiti Ministry of Agriculture in a new Feed the Future North (FTFN) project. more »

67 percent of the Haitian population goes without food some days

Dinner on the Table - Thomassique Haiti Not the kind of news I like to report but... Here it is... The associated press is reporting that there a serious food problem in Haiti and that death from malnutrition amongst the Haitian population is imminent... more »