Haiti Imports more than One Million Eggs PER DAY from the Dominican Republic!

Eggs Imported to Haiti from Dominican Republic WOW... What's going on here? Chicken in Haiti don't lay eggs no more? more »

75 Goud Chien Janbe - Mayi Kole a Pwa, Sos Viann, Bon Bagay...

Chien Janbe - Street Food in Haiti - Mayi Moulin Kole Ak Pwa Talè a, mwen gen yon grangou la-a... Pou 75 goud pitit, mwen manje vant plen... ni mwen, ni kouzen-m nan ki ashte chien janbé-a... more »

PICA POLLO nan Sen Domeng... Ou kwe bagay Haitien renmen sa?

Pica Pollo - Dominican Style fried chicken - Pollo frito Gen de twa Haitien mwen konnen, depi yo rive Sen Domeng, fok ou mennen yo direkteman nan yon PICA POLLO... Si ou abite Sen Domeng ou konnen se pa manti m'ap bay... LOL... more »

Haiti - Lemon Is A Hard To Find Commodity

Haiti - Groceries From the Local Marketplace Hinche, Haiti - I have been trying to get my hands on some fresh lemons for a homemade medicine... more »

It's Mango Season in Haiti - Vini Manje Mango

Mango Baptiste - Haiti Mango Blans, Mango Francique, Mango Jean-Marie, Mango Baptiste... There's lots of mangoes in Haiti these days. more »

Patate avek Lait, Bon Manje Creole

Patate Avek Let This morning I had a bowl of Patat avek Lait for breakfast thinking: "Hmmmm... Last time I had sweet potatoes boiled in milk, I was just a kid in Hinche Haiti." more »

Would You Like Fries With That? LOL...

Buffalo Chicken Wings, Curly Fries I am sitting in a restaurant right now writing this... I couldn't wait to get home to tell you... Guess what the waitress did... more »

Are You Embarrassed When You Have To Pay With Nickels and Dimes?

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, And Quarters Why do people look at you funny when you pay with Nickels and Dimes? --- True Story... The other day, I went to a Haitian restaurant to buy me some Diri ak Legumes. When the waitress hand me the food and said "$8.50 Cherie," that's when I realized... more »

Haiti - How do you feed 9 Million People Everyday?

caribbean food Food For Thought - Most people in Haiti want to provide for themselves, we are proud people, but most of them have no jobs... So... Do we feed them everyday? or better yet... more »