Creation of new structures for waste management in Haiti

There are talks of the creation of a new structure for solid waste management in Haiti whereby the Haitian State (l'Etat Haitien) can actually earn money in waste management. Strategies will be developed to monetize this sector and attract investment in this area, says Donald Paraison, former CEO of Service Métropolitain de collecte de résidus solides (SMCRS)

WHY is Haiti dirty when waste management is BIG Business...

YES... Waste management is BIG Business... As a matter or fact there is a actually a company called "Waste Management" and it is the largest waste disposal company in the United States. Its founder, Wayne Huizenga, is a Billionaire (with a 'B') who started the company with a single garbage truck...

The man made a TON of MONEY collecting FATRA... Yep... All the crap you want OUT of your home... LOL...

Out of the FATRA (Garbage) collection operations Wayne Huizenga built transfer stations, active landfill disposal sites, waste-to-energy plants, recycling plants, beneficial-use landfill gas projects and independent power production plants all producing MONEY... LAJAN...

This one of the reasons I cannot understand why there is so much trash in the streets of Haiti and NO ONE has yet seen it as a GOLD MINE!

So Haiti can be clean AND the State of Haiti (l'Etat Haitien) can indeed make huge profits collecting the garbage that people are burning and dumping near the riverbeds because no one is collecting it.

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

I have to see that with my own eyes, who will by another people's garbage?

If this happen it will be a blessing for Haïti, I believe that, President Martelly and Lamothe are not pigs even though the country is mess-up with garbage almost everywhere in Haïti, he can't fix the country in 2 or 3 years; a country the wicked have being destroyed from 1957-2011 plus the hearth quake, remember these guys are not even Christian, I am saying that regarding the Carnaval they organize in Haïti etc. in the name of Jesus we will have a solution for that by prayer, but this is very simple: Haïti have a lot of empty lands I encourage Martelly and Lamorthe to pick a couple of acre of lands in a desert of Haïti and burn that shit, you say a millionaire in US will by your garbage! Be smart, US government pretend take charge to help Haïti to do better how long they took Haïti in captivity?

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Wilner Pierre says...

I think the Haitian government must push for that. The country will be clean and money will be generated.

This is good news for

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Nap Kite Sa says...

Who will they charge?

the tenants or the landlord?

Would the street vendors have to pay a fee too?

Would it be government owned or privately owned?

What type of trucks do they have in mind?

and where is/are designated site(s to dump the garbage?

Who will pay the people who will be managing the municipal

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Pat Dillon says...

Thanks for all the useful info you post. I hope the Government of Haiti thinks quickly and begins to

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