President Martelly and Lamothe are not pigs even though the country is mess-up with garbage almost everywhere in Haïti,

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I have to see that with my own eyes, who will by another people's garbage?

If this happen it will be a blessing for Haïti, I believe that, President Martelly and Lamothe are not pigs even though the country is mess-up with garbage almost everywhere in Haïti, he can't fix the country in 2 or 3 years; a country the wicked have being destroyed from 1957-2011 plus the hearth quake, remember these guys are not even Christian, I am saying that regarding the Carnaval they organize in Haïti etc. in the name of Jesus we will have a solution for that by prayer, but this is very simple: Haïti have a lot of empty lands I encourage Martelly and Lamorthe to pick a couple of acre of lands in a desert of Haïti and burn that shit, you say a millionaire in US will by your garbage! Be smart, US government pretend take charge to help Haïti to do better how long they took Haïti in captivity?

It take just one hour by airplane to travel from Miami to Haïti look at Miami! Very beautiful, about Haïtii?

I am not stupid guys, I don't blame US if stupid don't give smart will not take, maybe if a millionaire from other country make plan to help Haïti with the garbage, I am not sure US government will allow them to do that, how long Haïti occupied by UN ( Ministah)?

How long UN (Ministah) sniff all that shit with the Haitian's people together?

Remember when we are in distress US Goverment is happy because they make profit from our calamity, listen to what Moises Jean Charles have said on Youtube: He said President Martelly sign a contract with other nation to stop making riz's production in Haïti, visit the market in Croix-Fère -Belladère to see what kind riz the sellers of Haïti sell, a riz they grow pig in Dominican Republic, Haitian's people! Be wise. in the name of Jesus-Christ the tail can be the head and the head can be the tail, whoever who keep us in poverty for their own profit can be our slave if we pray to God in heaven and fast. (Date nap réspiré charonge santi en Haïti si yo tap aidé nou yo ta aidé nou déjà) big terrorist watch small terrorist.

I see on Youtube Moises Jean Charles is fighting to withdraw UN (Munistah) in Haïti, this will be a good idea if they was not selfish, the same Moises Jean Charles who gathered 29 people to burn tires in front on American's embassy to kick out President Martelly and they sent letters to Chili and other country against Président Martelly maybe he get pay to destroy the Haitian's people; he is against Président Martelly and UN (Munistah), I don't know for you guys I don't give Moises Jean Charles any credit about Haïti, if Président Martelly and Lamorthe take a good decision to kick out UN (Ministah) I will understand that, but who is Moises Jean Charles?

Who is the President of Haïti?

Président Martelly or Moises Jean Charles?

That guy act like Martelly's woman, Président Martelly has to testify he has qualified police and a lot of undercover police he gives credit like Lamorthe to watch Haïti properly, now it is a mess people drive cars and trucks with no liscense in Haïti when they get catch by the police they will punish only if they don't have money to pay under the table, Martelly really need undercover to watch the thief, these kind of police we have for now is disgrace, all the time they will have election in Haïti some police make their own plan and say they will not come out to protect Haïti, my question is they don't want to serve why they take that position?

I forgive them they don't travel to see how thing work, (tout chien niché tèt bwa yo jan yo kon'nin).

I went in Port au Prince-Haïti last November 2013 by American airline, the American airline's company plot and kept my two suitcases and make sure I reach home and comeback at the Haitian's airport later for them, in their mind they wanted thief in Haitian's airport steal my thing, in front of the airport a police man told me the workers inside the Haitian's airport would break the padlock from my suitcase and steal in my thing, they did. Imagine a police at the airport reviled that to me about when people send container there?

Now Moises Jean Charles attack UN (munistah) to get out of Haïti just to create way for the wicked to assassinate us in the country, let the cats watch the crisco for now, (kité chat yo véyé mantègre la pou kounyé a).

I will not give UN Munistah's shit for almost all the police of Haïti, I believe UN (Munistah) will not take money under the table from the Haitian's people to harm the Haitian's people.

About reconstruction of Haïti and security of Haïti if Président Martelly and Lamorthe can hire other nations to fill that position it will be great.

Patrick Princivil, January 9 2014, 10:50 PM

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I have to see that with my own eyes, who will by another people's garbage? If this happen it will be a blessing for Haiti, I believe that, President... read more >
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