Trash in Haiti

Haiti Celebrates World Environment Day 2018, beating plastic pollution

World Environment Day is widely celebrated in over 100 countries including the Republic of Haiti on Tuesday June 05 2018. The theme for World Environment Day 2018 was beating plastic pollution.

WOW... New Timberland Boots made from HAITI Recycled Plastic Bottles

Take a look at these boots... Believe it or not, these Timberland boots are made from old recycled plastic bottles recovered in Haiti...

Creation of new structures for waste management in Haiti

There are talks of the creation of a new structure for solid waste management in Haiti whereby the Haitian State (l'Etat Haitien) can actually earn money in waste management. Strategies will be developed to monetize this sector and attract investment in this area, says Donald Paraison, former CEO of Service Métropolitain de collecte de résidus solides (SMCRS)

By Default, Haitians have no respect for the Environment

TRUE or FALSE??? A large majority of Haitian university students have absolutely no reflex to protect the environment in Haiti... By default, Haitians have no respect for their environment...

Hinche Haiti - Residents dumping trash along the Guayamouc river...

One of the sad part of moving back to Haiti is that I can no longer bath in the Guayamouc River in Hinche Haiti simply because it is polluted with trash. The funny thing is... It has always been that way that I just never noticed it before!