Recycling in Haiti

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WOW... New Timberland Boots made from HAITI Recycled Plastic Bottles

PHOTO: Timberland Boots made from Haiti Recycled Plastic Bottles Take a look at these boots... Believe it or not, these Timberland boots are made from old recycled plastic bottles recovered in Haiti... more »

DELL turns ocean plastics from Haiti beaches into laptop packaging

PHOTO: Plastics on Haiti Beaches Recycling in Haiti has taken a new turn... Computer company Dell wants to turn all the plastic bottles from Haiti that is washing into the ocean into brand new computer boxes... more »

Haiti - Turning Trash into Compost, the new Government Plan

Planting Corn in Haiti What happens to all the trash that leaves Port-au-Prince for the Truitier Landfill? The Martelly-Lamothe government has an idea... They are presently in negotiations with potential investors to turn that trash into compost... more »

Creation of new structures for waste management in Haiti

Haiti Trash - Plastics and Styrofoams There are talks of the creation of a new structure for solid waste management in Haiti whereby the Haitian State (l'Etat Haitien) can actually earn money in waste management. Strategies will be developed to monetize this sector and attract investment in this area, says Donald Paraison, former CEO of Service Métropolitain de collecte de résidus solides (SMCRS) more »