FLASH... Haiti Live Networks (HLN) Is Being Sued By CNN

BREAKING NEWS - CNN is suing Haiti Live Networks over use of "HLN" Mark... CNN Claims HLN purposely used their trademark to trick people!

Haiti Live Networks CNN Lawsuit

Sounds to me like Haiti Live Networks !

... They are very cheap! LOL...

CNN, who uses the mark HLN for Headline News, claims that Haiti Live Networks used the HLN mark to intentionally confuse and trick people into thinking that Haiti Live Networks was affiliated with CNN.

Because of that, CNN is requesting TRIPLE the normal damages against Haiti Live Networks.

OH YEAH... Haiti Live Networks !

Who Is Haiti Live Networks

Haiti Live Networks or "HLN" is a Haitian owned company that offers live Television and Radio channels to the Haitian community around the World. Haiti Live Networks is the first Network to broadcast live TV signals from Haiti to customers in markets outside the country 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. HLN provides an alternative to regular cable and satellite programming to customers who wish to stay in touch with their Haitian roots and culture.

What does that mean for Haiti Live Networks?

Well... If they survive this lawsuit, it will mean more customers

Think about it... They are not even paying me and I am telling you about their service!


Haiti Live Networks says that CNN is engaging in trademark bullying... Do you agree or disagree?

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Da says...

Shame on CNN! Shame on Time Warner!

This is a classic case of corporate bullying.

CNN's claims are outrageous and ridiculous! If you polled CNN viewers right now and asked them what HLN means, more than half of them wouldn't know. Headline News is the name that most viewers recognize.

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Jj says...

why the start their law suit now everyone ey knowns Haiti name is in air for one to exploit they knowns now their could be profitable to them to bring their law suit now why?

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Turenne Jean-francois says...


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Marjorie Middy says...

We can't cry "discrimination" ALL the time. Rules are meant to be respected, especially in business.

Other countries respect trademarks and such.Let us hope that "Haiti Live Networks" has good legal representatives and insurance policy, provided they did something wrong.

Haiti is an independent country.

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Georges J.b. says...

ThaT'S different ways you can write a name for me it's not a problem.

because HLN for headline news or HLN for haiti live networks those

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Jacques L says...

It's sad that CNN would be intimidated by a small market as ours. I can't imagine confusing HLN - Head Line News and HLN - Haiti Live Network from

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Denor says...

at Myrtho you're wrong.

It's a violation.


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Myrtho says...

We have to realize that no one wants Haiti to move on .Let CNN make a foul of

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