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AUDIO Haiti - The SWEET Micky Interview that Drove Jean Monard Metellus OUT of Radio Caraibes FM

Jean Monard Metellus Listen to the full AUDIO Interview -- Haitian Journalist Jean Monard Metellus is so upset at Radio Caraibes FM staff Bregard Anderson following a live interview with Artist Sweet Micky, former president Michel Martelly, that he may have walked away from the radio station... more »

It was a cold night in Haiti last night...

PHOTO: Sleeping on the Job Waking up to go to church this Sunday was not easy... It is COLD here... There was so much rain fall in Haiti yesterday that the night was one of the coldest nights I've experienced. Even the Mosquitoes ran for cover LOL... more »

Haiti - Mezanmi, Kote OLIVIER Martelly???

PHOTO: Haiti - Olivier Martelly Haitiens an nou pale... Gen de fwa fok nou poze question... Kote OLIVIER Martelly? Kote piti Prezidan an? Sout tout rezo social yo, gen pawol k-ap pale, misye pa janm reponn, li pa janm di anyen... Media yo menm ap fè ti kout zong tankou yo konnen yon bagay yo pa vle di... Kote di bonnonm lan??? more »

Weddings in Haiti - I will NEVER get Married, my Cousin says...

PHOTO - Getting Married - Wedding in Haiti For all the Haitian ladies out there looking for marriage, there is one man I know who is NOT a candidate... "I will never get married," my cousin said... Wait until you hear the reason why... more »

In Haiti, Begging has a new professional touch - Shocking the way people ask you for money

things that make you go hmmm In Haiti, Begging has a new Professional touch... True story -- One late afternoon, a man was passing by on motorcycle in the small Haitian city where I live, he pulled over next to me and asked me: "Pardon me, Sir, you don't know me but I need your help. I have an emergency and I need get somewhere in a hurry, can you by any chance give me 2 gallons of gasoline?" more »

Haiti Education - Yon elev lekol leve granm maten pou etudie "qu'est ce que la temperature?"

Haitian Students Maten an mwen tande yon eleve lekol ki leve a 4:00 hr du matin nan yon fredi mwa desanm pou li ka edudie par coeur "qu'est ce que la temperature?" more »

Jacmel Haiti Public Prosecutor's Office Vandalized, Evidence in a murder trial stolen

PHOTO: Haiti Justice - La Justice ap Dòmi Here's something you don't read about everyday... Unidentified men in Jacmel Haiti vandalized the "parquet de Jacmel" (the public prosecuter's office) stealing, among other things, video evidence in a murder trial... more »

Haitian Vetiver Fragrance at a high end retail store shelves in America

Ermenegildo Zegna - Haitian Vetiver Fragrance If you want to purchase a fragrance made from Haitian Vetiver get ready to dish out some 'dola'... Pictured here are bottles of Ermenegildo Zegna Hatian Vetiver pictured on display at a high end retail store in New York... Say What??? more »

Dominicain an di: Nenpot Resource ki genyen Haiti, Haitien Dyabolize li

Amazing Vodou Photo - Vodouisant making her request to the Lwa ISTWA TOUT BON... Yon jou mwen visite lakay yon zanmi dominicain ki abite sou fontyè Haitiano-Dominicain an. N-ap pale, Misye di-m konsa Haiti genyen anpil resource naturel men, olye pou yo ta exploite resous sa yo, yo prefere diabolize yo... more »

Car Accidents - Auto Insurance in Haiti, is it true what they say?

OAVCT Sticker - Assurance Vehicule Haiti Have you ever been involved in a car accident in Haiti? There is something about driving there that scares me... I've been told that if you get into an accident in Haiti, and God forbid you injure somebody, although you have car insurance, you are responsible for the full care of that person, hospital bill and all... Is that true? more »