We can't cry "discrimination" ALL the time. Rules are meant to...

Marjorie Middy - April 28 2011, 7:44 PM

We can't cry "discrimination" ALL the time. Rules are meant to be respected, especially in business.

Other countries respect trademarks and such.Let us hope that "Haiti Live Networks" has good legal representatives and insurance policy, provided they did something wrong.

Haiti is an independent country.

Is there some kind of global communications protocol that "Haiti Live Networks" did not follow trough?

If so, where would they apply for approval or disapproval of the "HLN" name?

HOW CNN plan to prove malicious INTENT of "Haiti Live Networks?

What tangible harm was done, so far, to CNN?

What kind of legal compensations are they seeking?

Did CNN give fair warnings to "Haiti live Networks" prior to this notice?

Would changing "Haiti Live Networks" name be satisfactory to CNN, short of commencing legal procedures?

Response to:

We have to realize that no one wants Haiti to move...

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