Basic jobs, a controversial issue in Haiti

QUESTION: What type of job is an unskilled laborer living in Haiti desperate for employment qualified for? There are many people looking for an honest way to make money in Haiti right now, a few have knocked on my door. First they ask for a job, then they beg for money... Seriously...

New Haiti airline company, Sunrise Airways, to add first international route

Start-up Haitian airline Sunrise Airways will add its first international route next week. Sunrise Airways says it will start flying between Cap Haitien Haiti to the Turks and Caicos capital of Providenciales.

Haiti Idea Factory - The stove that burns less charcoal

Imagine a stove that burns 55% less charcoal, made in Haiti... The ideas needed change Haiti already exist somewhere out there. It is up to us, pitit peyi-a, to borrow these ideas and bring them home.

Haiti MONEY - Why Everything in Haiti cost 5 Gourdes or 5 Gourdes increments

I asked an average Haitian living in Haiti: "Why does everything on the market cost "5 gourdes, 10 gourdes, 25 gourdes, 50 gourdes, 100 gourdes? OR WORSE... 100 DOLA... " His answer will shock you!

First Agricultural Free-Trade Zone Created in Haiti

Haiti Economy - A brand new free-trade zone for agricultural products has just been established in Haiti. In the near future, Haiti could begin to export organic food products to the world market.

Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

QUESTION - What type of small business would you start in Haiti right now? Start-up cost must be USD $500 or less, and it has to be so simple that anyone can manage it...

Banks in Haiti - From Maissade to Hinche Just to Cash a Check

If you live in Maissade and you want to go to the bank, say to cash your check, you have to drive all the way to Hinche to do that...

Egg Smuggling into Haiti by Boat - A Risky Business

Malpasse Haiti - People are now smuggling EGGS into Haiti from the Dominican republic by boat using small fishing boats (bwa fouye) to cross Lac Azeui.

GOUD Vs. DOLA - A Real Haitian Money Problem!

When I look at the Haitian currency, it says "GOURDE", but since returning to Haiti I notice that Haitians refuse to talk about GOUD... Everything is DOLA... DOLA... Mezanmi... Haitien fè dola?

Dyab pa bay lajan an Haiti... Se Travay di ak peseverans

Kèk fwa, mwen rete m-ap refleshi: Sa ki fè kèk moun ki fini klas yo an-Ayiti, yo pa gen lajan, pandan se tan, gen moun ki pa men-m fè elementè 2, yo gen gwo bizniss, yap byen viv...