Haiti - Transportation: Sans-Souci Autobus Overturns in Gonaives

PHOTO: Haiti Autobus Sans-Souci Tours Services Transport One of the buses of the Sans-Souci Tours Transport Services overturned in Gonaives Saturday. more »

Haiti Internet Access: Natcom Wins Award for Fastest Internet Speed in Haiti

HAITI: Natcom Vs. Digicel... Kiyes ki Pi Bon? Natcom Internet is faster than Digicel and now they can brag about it... Natcom is the winner of the 2017 Speedtest Award for fastest mobile network speeds. more »

Hurricane Irma: Airlines cancelling flights and offering wavers to passengers

American Airlines If you were planning to travel this week, know this... Many Airlines are already cancelling flights and are offering wavers to those you you who wish to change your travel plans due to Hurricane Irma. more »

MONEY in Haiti: What is the Currency Symbol for the Haitian Gourde?

PHOTO: Haitian Money - Haitian Currency - One Gourde The universal dollar sign is "$", the Pound sign is "£", and the Euro sign "€". What is the Currency Symbol for the Haitian Gourde? more »

Bank Overdraft Fees: America's Banks Made Billions of Dollars Last Year

Bank overdraft fees, don't you just hate them? How much of your money did you loose last year due to overdraft fees from your bank? Did you know? America's three biggest banks made more than $6 billion last year from ATM fees and overdraft fees alone. more »

Haiti Selling POOR Quality Gasoline at the Pumps, Le Nouvelliste reports

Gasoline Quality - Haiti Test Results The quality of fuel being sold in Haiti is "bad" according to a report from Haitian Newspaper Le Nouveliste. You think you are putting 95 octane Gasoline in your engine? You're not... Keep on reading... more »

DELL turns ocean plastics from Haiti beaches into laptop packaging

PHOTO: Plastics on Haiti Beaches Recycling in Haiti has taken a new turn... Computer company Dell wants to turn all the plastic bottles from Haiti that is washing into the ocean into brand new computer boxes... more »

Haiti Auto Repair - Mechanic demands $7,500 Gourdes for a used part that cost $9.80 US brand new

Buying auto parts on eBay Car parts cost a fortune in Haiti don't they? My car recently broke down in Haiti because of a bad crankshaft position sensor. A mechanic in my hometown demanded HTG $7500 Haitian gourdes for a used replacement part... more »

Spending in Haiti - Why are PRICES set in US Dollars when the Haitian Currency is GOURDES

Haitian Currency - Haitian Money - 100 Gourdes This morning, overheard a man complaining in the radio that the price everything except rice and chicken in Haiti is set in US Dollars... If you want to buy a nice perfume, decent clothing, a night in a hotel room, you have to pay in US dollars. "Why is that," the man asks, "when the currency if Haiti is the Gourde?" more »

Taxes in Haiti - When does Haiti's Fiscal Year start and end?

Taxes in Haiti - Tax Time for Haiti The fiscal year in Haiti starts 01 October (first day in October) and ends 30 September (last day in September). more »