SURTAB - First Andoid Tablet MADE IN HAITI

Surtab - First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI Haiti Technology News -- Say Hello to SURTAB, The First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI... Yes... MADE IN HAITI... with a bold mission: One Tablet per Haitian... Ohhhh... I'm so Excited right now! more »

In January, we will be the only shoe manufacturer in Haiti, TOMS Founder says

Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe and TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie Haiti - JOBS - Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes says: "in January, we will be the only shoe manufacturer in Haiti, but we hope that we will attract other shoe footwear manufactures (to) create an industry in Haiti, which can make a big impact." while signing copies of his new book, "Start Something That Matters." more »

Haiti PM Laurent Lamonthe visit the Googleplex

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Tries on Google Glass Haiti Prime Minister tweets "Mwen nan @google kounyan #haiti" while inside the Googleplex, the corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc., in Mountain View California... I only have one complaint... You should've taken me with you man... LOL... more »

Haiti - The Key To Success: Education Vs Hard Work

Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living You know... Sometimes I sit back and think: Why is that that some of the richest people in Haiti are not highly educated. and why some of the most educated people in Haiti are broke everyday... I think I know why... Let me tell you a story... more »

FOUR times more EGGS produced in Haiti now, Michel Chancy says

Dr Michel Chancy, Secretaire d 'Etat a la Production Animale (SEPA) The egg-laying industry is growing more and more in Haiti since the controversial Dominican egg import ban... FOUR times more eggs are being produced in Haiti everyday, according to Dr Michel Chancy, Secretaire d'Etat a la Production Animale (SEPA)... Better for the Haitian marketplace... more »

La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

48 billion dollar la gonave project Have you have heard the 48 billion dollar plan to develop the island of La Gonave in Haiti? It is a project that will turn La Gonave into an international paradise island and a Caribbean business hub... Guess what... If the project is not approved soon, it will be moved to the Dominican Republic... more »

Infrastructure: Dominican Republic among the Leaders, Haiti Sucks Big Time!

Haiti Open For Business The Dominican Republic has the third best transport infrastructure in Latin America, Haiti has the worst, according to the latest Latin America Transport Infrastructure Ranking from Latinvex, an online publication specializing in business in Latin America. Haiti ranks at the bottom of the ladder as the country with the worst qualities of ports, roads and air transport in the region... As far as SPEED in shipping containers in and out of Haiti... Haiti really sucks... more »

Tonton Bicha Replies to Le Nouvelliste about Flagrant Bakara Commercial

Tonton Bicha in a Haiti Rum Commercial The other day, Le Nouveliste wrote an article with the title: "Pour un rhum importé, Bicha avilit le vaudou et Barbancourt." Tonton Bicha was not to happy about that. So he wrote a letter to Le Nouveliste... Here is the English translation of that letter... more »

Haiti Rhum Wars - Barbancourt Vs. Bakara - Tonton Bicha in the Hot seat

Tonton Bicha in a Haiti Rum Commercial Haitian actor Daniel Fils-Aime aka Tonton Bicha is in the hot seat because of his latest commercial for Bakara, a rum imported from the Dominican Republic into Haiti...The latest commercial is calling Bakara a "Rhum Culturel", that has upset a lot of people. more »

Beer Consumption in Haiti - How much beer do Haitians drink?

prestige beer from haiti Beer consumption in Haiti is about 1.3 liters per person per year... compare that to 45 liters in the neighboring Dominican Republic... So... Why do Haitians drink so little beer? I think I have the answer... more »