WOW... New Timberland Boots made from HAITI Recycled Plastic Bottles

PHOTO: Timberland Boots made from Haiti Recycled Plastic Bottles Take a look at these boots... Believe it or not, these Timberland boots are made from old recycled plastic bottles recovered in Haiti... more »

Rhum Barbancourt Director Thierry Gardere died on his way to the hospital

PHOTO: Thierry Gardère - Former CEO of Haiti's Rhum Barbancourt Thierry Gardère, the general director of Haiti's Rhum Barbancourt, died on his way to the hospital on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Fire Breaks out in another Marche in Port-au-Prince Sunday

Haiti - FIRE in another Marché in Port-au-Prince Breaking News... Antother Marché catches fire in downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti Sunday, 18 Feb, 2018. This time it's Marché Guérit behind Douane de Port-au-Prince... more »

The Haitian economy ends the year 2017 with a failing grade

The Haitian Economy Haiti Economics -- In a text published by Le Nouvelliste, Economist Thomas Lalime presented a balance sheet of the national economy. The Haitian economy got a failing grade... more »

Haiti Air Travel: Spirit Airlines announces new Flights to Cap-Haitien from Fort Lauderale Florida starting April 2018

Spirit Airlines - Flights to Haiti Great news for airline passengers flying to Northern Haiti ... Spirit Airlines has announced a new flights from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) to Cap-Haitien International Airport in Haiti starting April 12 2017. more »

Haiti's ranking in Forbes Best And Worst Countries For Business 2018

Forbes - Haiti: Best And Worst Countries for Business Forbes released its best and worst countries for business 2018 and Haiti is not exactly where we would like it to be in that list. Haiti is not quite opened for business according to the Forbes list. more »

Natcom-Digicel: Haiti Mobile Phone Service is so BAD the Government is getting involved

HAITI: Natcom Vs. Digicel... Kiyes ki Pi Bon? Haitian consumers are complaining about mobile phone and mobile internet service in Haiti. So much so that the Haitian Prime Minister was summoned to the chamber of deputes to answer questions about mobile phone companies and the poor services they provide. more »

Hinche Haiti - EDH arresting residents for stealing electricity

Electric Power Pole - Haiti Power and Electricity About 40 residents in the city of Hinche Haiti were arrested Monday for stealing electricity. more »

Haiti, once a major Cane Sugar producer, is now importing Sugar from Europe for consumption

PHOTO: Haiti RAPADOU - Unrefined Whole Cane Sugar "Even Haiti Is Buying European Sugar," a Bloomberg article headline reads. Haiti, once a major grower of cane in the Caribbean, is now buying sugar produced in sugar beets farms in Europe. more »

Consumer Alert... It is so easy for Haitian-Americans with Bad Credit to fall pray to this type of practice

Many Haitian-Americans suffer from Bad Credit and there are many so called Credit Repair professionals all over Haitian radio in the Diaspora promising to make your bad credit problem go away. Some of them are lying to you... more »