Heineken to invest 100 Million dollars in Haiti

Bierre prestige Heineken has just announced that it plans to invest more than than 100 million dollars in Haiti... Of course to produce more beer... What you didn't know? Heineken owns Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti (BRANA)... Poko sezi pitit... LOL... There's more! more »

Haiti is a good place to invest, Nicholas Galt says

Haiti - Open For Business Newly-elected chairman of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (AACCLA), Nicholas Galt, is looking to develop business opportunities in Haiti and he is suggesting that Caricom, of which Haiti is a member, should make travel access of citizens of the country to the region much easier. more »

Haiti Bank Borlette - 2 Billion a Year Industry

Bank Borlette Haiti Lottery Gonaives Haiti Did you know? Borlette in Haiti is a two billion a year industry... That's BILLION with a 'B'. I don't know if it is in gourdes, in Haitian dollars or U.S. but... That's a heck of a lot of money if you ask me! more »

New Haiti Banking Measures Catches Diaspora Haitians Off Guard

Banking in haiti - long lines The other day, I walked to a Bank in Haiti to open a Bank account and the customer service representative told me that I need to have an electric bill in my name as proof of address before I could open that bank account. more »

Doing Business in the Haiti-Dominican Border - A True Story

Haiti Tube Rafts - River Crossing into the Dominican Republic I wanted to get a better understanding of how money is made along the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, so took a trip to a border town in Plateau Central Haiti. All I can tell you is there is a web of people surviving on this type of trade, I met a few... more »

Why Does Haiti Import Cement When Haiti Is Rich In Limestone?

Cement - Made in Haiti Over the weekend I visited a Dominican man in Hato Viejo (Haitians call it Atobio) near Banica in the Dominican Republic and he told me he could not understand why Haiti is importing Cement when the country is so rich in limestone, the key ingredient in the manufacture of Portland Cement. more »

Ending Blackouts in Haiti - Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) Now Open to Investors

Electric Power Pole - Haiti Power and Electricity The Haitian government wants to end the blackout in Haiti. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe says Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) is bankrupted, unable to electrify Haiti as a whole. He wants to END BLACKOUT in Haiti. So... Investors get ready... Soon there will be a call for bids. more »

Basic jobs, a controversial issue in Haiti

American Apparel Companies Interested in Investing in Haiti QUESTION: What type of job is an unskilled laborer living in Haiti desperate for employment qualified for? There are many people looking for an honest way to make money in Haiti right now, a few have knocked on my door. First they ask for a job, then they beg for money... Seriously... more »

New Haiti airline company, Sunrise Airways, to add first international route

Haiti Airline - Sunrise Airways Start-up Haitian airline Sunrise Airways will add its first international route next week. Sunrise Airways says it will start flying between Cap Haitien Haiti to the Turks and Caicos capital of Providenciales. more »

Haiti Idea Factory - The stove that burns less charcoal

Charcoal Burning in Haiti - Charcoal as Cooking Fuel Imagine a stove that burns 55% less charcoal, made in Haiti... The ideas needed change Haiti already exist somewhere out there. It is up to us, pitit peyi-a, to borrow these ideas and bring them home. more »