Haiti - Business : The Employee vs the "Ti Machann"

Commerce Ti Machann - Saint Louis du Sud, Haiti Who makes more money in Haiti? An employee or a Ti Machann? -- A few days ago, I overheard a man in Haiti complaining to my father about how little his monthly paycheck is... What if we compared his salary to the income of a Ti Machann? Who do you think makes more money in a month??? more »

Are all the BANK FEES Raising your Blood Pressure?

Money Patched Up Piggy Bank When was the last time you checked your Bank statement? Are you aware of all the FEES you're being charged? Haitian-Americans are loosing lots of money in bank fees and overdraft fees... I was told once of a bank in Little Haiti, Florida, that makes more money from overdraft fees than anything else... more »

8 Haitians and 2 Dominicans Arrested for Importing Chicken INTO the Dominican Republic...

Live Chicken - Poul Di Haiti, Tou Vivan Here is something you don't read about everyday... 8 Haitians and 2 Dominicans have been arrested by Dominican authorities for importing chicken INTO the Dominican Republic... Apparently... Chicken OUT of DR is GOOD... But Chicken INTO DR... that's a NO NO... more »

Handxom - Another Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI

Handxom T-1 - Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI FLASH... Haiti has TWO (2) Android Tablet Manufacturers... I just found out about another Andoid Tablet MADE IN HAITI... It's the Handxom T-1, made by Handxom SA, another technology company in Haiti... The Surtab tablet manufacturer has a competitor... I say bring it baby!!! I want to see more high tech devices on the market with the logo MADE IN HAITI... more »

VIDEO Report: Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI rival the iPad mini...

Surtab - First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI Watch this video report... A Haitian-based company that makes Android tablets that rival the iPad mini are finding success four years after the quake in Haiti... MADE in HAITI? Rival the iPad mini? How many times do you see these two things in the same sentence??? more »

Haiti Ends Ban on Imported Dominican Poultry, Eggs

Eggs Imported to Haiti from Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic says Haiti has lifted a ban on imports of Dominican poultry and eggs... The first person I mentioned that to asked me: POUKISA? more »

Ile-a-Vache Haiti - Residents resisting tourism plans for the island

Haiti Open For Business QUESTION: What is wrong with a plan to construct an International airport, build roads, rebuild the port, build several hotels and electrify an island that has been ignored since the beginning of time? Well ask the residents of Ile-a-Vache Haiti. Some of them think it is a bad idea... more »

FLASH... Haiti Aviation Airlines suspend its flights to Port-au-Prince

Flights to Haiti - New Airline - Haiti Aviation BAD NEWS... Haiti Aviation Airlines has suspended its flights to Haiti due to financial difficulties. Many passengers were stranded this morning at Miami International Airport, Haitian radio Metropole reports... more »

Eggs Import into Haiti from Dominican Republic decreased by 86.3%

Eggs Imported to Haiti from Dominican Republic READ THIS... The importation of chickens and eggs from the Dominican Republic into Haiti has greatly diminished... In the case of eggs, imports from DR decreased by 86.3%... If that is the case, it means Haiti is producing a lot MORE eggs these days to meet demands... more »

Workers in Haiti are asking for an increase in the Minimum wage in Haiti.

500 Goud Sale Minimum, Aba 200 Goud Haitian Factory workers are demanding 500 Gourdes as the minimum wage, plus free transportation, cafeteria, healthcare and retirement... more »