Haiti, once a major Cane Sugar producer, is now importing Sugar from Europe for consumption

"Even Haiti Is Buying European Sugar," a Bloomberg article headline reads. Haiti, once a major grower of cane in the Caribbean, is now buying sugar produced in sugar beets farms in Europe.

PHOTO: Haiti RAPADOU - Unrefined Whole Cane Sugar

There was a quota on the European Union sugar producers that restricted how much sugar they could produce and sell in their domestic market. That not only limited the sugar production but increased imports of cane sugar from places like the Caribbean and Africa to Europe.

That quota has been lifted. now, sugar firms in the European Union can now produce and export as much sugar as they want.

Of course, these European sugar producing companies are going to look for other countries to dump their sugar surpluses, Countries like Haiti which produces NO sugar except "Rapadou!"

They produce, we consume...

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What do you think about that?

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Allen says...

WTF. Why?

nous devons arrêter d'importer et

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Simpson St Fort says...

The Haitian government need to bring all of the Haitians that are being humiliated overseas back home so they can work in the sugar industry and pay them a descent salary.

Food for

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Etta says...

So why don't they get themself back to growing and start selling sugarcane once

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Haiti Sugar says...

"Même Haiti achète du sucre européen", titre un article de Bloomberg.

Haiti, qui était autrefois un important producteur de canne dans la Caraïbes, achète maintenant du sucre produit dans des fermes de betterave à sucre en

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Subject: Haiti, once a major Cane Sugar producer, is now importing Sugar from Europe for consumption edit

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