A Cholera 'tsunami' Could Hit Haiti Soon, A Doctor Says...

You've heard the word "Cholera epidemic" before but how scared should we Haitians be when a doctor declares that this is just the wave before the tsunami hits?

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If this cholera epidemic in Haiti that has already killed 1,700 people is just the wave, then we are in big trouble.

Here is what St. John's doctor Tiffany Keenan told CBC news:

"What we are hearing now is that this is the wave before the tsunami hits. Then we can expect that this is going to go on for several months and our need for more staff is going to expand in the very near future"

Dr. Keenan says that her little clinic north of Cap Haitien has been operating 24 hours a day since November 22 because "The local hospitals are overrun with cholera patients and under-staffed"

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reported that they have treated more than 41,000 people with cholera...

And this is just the wave before the tsunami hits?

Oh Boy!

Will Haiti be able to kill this monster?

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Nadege says...

As a nation we are being chastised by the Almighty, the tragedies are the result of our own rebellion and actions toward each other.

But God who is a gracious Father will use every adverse situation we as a Nation have encountered for our good, He is taking note of those who are calling on Him for the deliverance, and a change for a transformed Haiti.

I know the corruption we see there will be no more, the Haitian people who are a resilient people by nature will survive, particularly those who willingly and finally realize that the time for a new era of light to rule in Haiti has come, nothing will be able to stand in the way, for this decree is from above, not below, therefore even the principalities of darkness will have to surrender! I will go as far as to say: Our independence is now in process, for when we thought we had won our freedom over two hundred plus years ago, it was a mere deception which only placed us in greater

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Marie Elie says...

YES. my dear Landy you are very right Jehovah is a live and i know he is going to do something about

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Lena says...

baby only god know we have to pray to love each other we are the firsh black to be free i think u are the first god will punish for all sin in the earth belive it or not we had gonaive where plenty people deade afther a cshool callaps then a earthquate millinions loss their lives now colera what can we do we need to repent to do someting in america in god we trust in the bahamas is a god beleiving in haiti is vodoo vodoo is not bad but people use that to destroy each other

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Brenda says...

Believe me, I am praying!
They are strong wonderful people who praise God even with all the natural disasters etc. they have gone through.

They are amazing! Unfortunately alot of people would have given up on God and ask 'why'?

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Brenda says...

You are right my friend, they must keep their fatih and be strong.

May God Bless you.
May God Bless the Haitians, everyone of them. They are awsome

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Gerdy says...

It's not the first time an epidemic hit Haiti.Some years ago, haiti had an epidemic of "LEPRE" and it was eradicated.

The people needs to educate about how to protect themselves.

Also, they have to pray God. Notre Dame du perpetuel secour help them before and can do it again.PRAY!PRAY! PRAY for

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Eunide Sanon says...

I hope so. We are a strong nation but more needs to be done regarding this

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Landy says...

ok den if dat happens der will be no 1 left in haiti but our heavenly father is a live he wont let dis

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