Haiti's Shameful UN Betrayal, So The Article Says....

Peter Hallward of The Guardian wrote an article Tuesday stating that cholera is just the latest disaster to be linked to the UN in Haiti and the fact that election won't change the nature of the mission.

What is the Nature of the Mission???

The article mentions that virtually everyone now accepts the fact that United Nations brought this deadly cholera disease to Haiti... Well everyone except the United Nations

The UN refuse to admit it, instead they are saying that the Anti-UN protests are racially motivated.

Wi se vre, sa fe lontan ke Haitien ap bwe dlo rivie, ak dlo sous, but lit pat gen cholera ladan-l...

Wi mwen te konn bwe dlo guayamouk lem tap grandi Hinche Haiti but li pat janm banm diare...

Guayamouk pat janm voye pyes moun Hinche lopital Ste Therese avek yon vann ki paka femen...

So what did the United Nations Stabilize in Haiti?

Peter Hallward says: So far, in fact, so normal. The truth is that the whole UN mission in Haiti is based on a violent, bald-faced lie. It says it is in Haiti to support democracy and the rule of law, but its only real achievement has been to help transfer power from a sovereign people to an unaccountable army.

Hmmm.... Gen plis pawol nan atik la pitit...

What do you think about all of this?

What is the real Nature of the UN Mission to Haiti?

Read the article in full and reply with your comments.

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Richelle says...

I rather have civil war between ourselves killing my people then to have munista com from God knows were to kill the people.

We are not only nation from this planet that fight between ourselves.Even here in america, for instance chicago in else were. despite all the

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Richelle says...

well well well, you say munista protect the haitian people realy.well if that is true, what about when kidnapping was going on in Haiti then haitian get kidnapp not other because the kidnapping was going on towards haitians only.The kidnapper crew say bring millions, is munista crew take thei war car to go there to save the haitian that get kidnapp maybe only you have answer that.But i'm guessing no! because they are the kidnapper.

So i dnt why are you deffending these

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

unfortunately most of our people are not aware that we have been at war since columbus set foot on the island,,they do whatever they have to do to kill us..meanwhile we party on dance arter dance,, bal apres bal..maybe most of us have given up the fight,,one thing for sure we spend too much time arguing about is it realy a war or is it not and what must be done to stop the chaos,,the UN have not and will not do anything for our people anywhere in the world,,,please read what Elijah Muhammad has to

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Harold Fleurine says...

We don't have a leadership in haiti periode.

If we have the employees, the Doctors the nurses those who take the risks should be paid by those who rwesponsable for this desaster.

Do you remembered what president OBAMA did with the OIL SPILL he called and said a lot of people to be higher to cleaned the spill untilled it fix. since Otober the cholera begun what our leader said!any one know, if you do please tell me. They do have money to pay Munistah about my people who dies every

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Nesly Charles says...

It's true that the UN Force has brought this deadly disease to the humble haitian people.

What do you think?

Nou abitie bwe dlo latibonit depi ti bebe li pat fe nou anyen.

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Jb says...

I think this needs to be investigate thoroughly before we make any accusations.

Yes, Haitian have been drinking "sous" and "rivier" water for a long time and never have gotten sick from it. At the same time, Haiti has not have an earthquake in our lifetime.

Where dead people were every where, no ruining water, no toilets, etc. How do we know that this Cholera thing is not a result of that combine with the UN troops that causes it. Lets not jump to conclusion as of yet. The UN did do a lot for the country.

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