As a nation we are being chastised by the Almighty, the...

Nadege - December 7 2010, 10:52 AM

As a nation we are being chastised by the Almighty, the tragedies are the result of our own rebellion and actions toward each other.

But God who is a gracious Father will use every adverse situation we as a Nation have encountered for our good, He is taking note of those who are calling on Him for the deliverance, and a change for a transformed Haiti.

I know the corruption we see there will be no more, the Haitian people who are a resilient people by nature will survive, particularly those who willingly and finally realize that the time for a new era of light to rule in Haiti has come, nothing will be able to stand in the way, for this decree is from above, not below, therefore even the principalities of darkness will have to surrender! I will go as far as to say: Our independence is now in process, for when we thought we had won our freedom over two hundred plus years ago, it was a mere deception which only placed us in greater bondage.

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