It's very sad to hear, but where are the government officials...

Sergo Jean - December 7 2010, 6:51 AM

It's very sad to hear, but where are the government officials in Haiti?They have been swear to protect people life not to destroy it. Every citizen has the obligation to engage in work of his choice to meet his own and his family's needs, and co-operate with the state in the establishment of rules for the safety of people.

I have a reason when I said to my government to transfer the national police to the mayor, it s for the better safety and protection of the city. A police officer is a servant and warrant for the city and people; not a member of political party .Our taxes pay them to protect and serve the city and people not the president with his official group .We need change to make sure our transportation system works for the haitian people.

I do believe failure to protect them, shall be punish by law.

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