Haiti health, Haiti Hospital, Haiti Medical

Haiti health, Haiti Hospital, Haiti Medical

Here is an image of Haiti in the Hospital, related to Haiti healthcare, Health tips for Haitians, Haiti health crisis and medical news...

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She's a Haitian! She's a Japanese! She's Naomi Osaka! A new star is born. Haitian-Japanese Tennis player Naomi Osaka played as she didn't feel any nerve at all while Serena Williams completed lost her mind in the second set before losing 6-2 6-4.

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Mezanmi... Pou janm mwen renmen sik, mwen fèk dekouvri ke twòp sik kapab detwi sèvo w epi tiye entèlijens ou... Pou jan Haitien renmen bwè bagay sikre, ou kwè yo tout konnen saa? Gen yon moun ki pwal ri m wi lè li li atik saa... Li sa a...

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Haiti Medical News - Great News... The number of Haitians in Haiti who have tested positive for HIV has declined over the past decade. According to Haiti's Ministry of Public Health, the HIV infection rate in Haiti is now at 3.67 percent, a drop of nearly 10 percent...

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I arrived in Hinche Haiti a couple weeks ago only to learn that my uncle is in the hospital with CHOLERA... "There are many cholera patients at St Therese Hospital in Hinche," my auntie informed me. "They are in a tent like area built in the front yard, each laying on a wooden bed with a hole in it and a bucket underneath...

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One of my readers want to know: "Was the Ecole Nationale d'Infirmieres Simone Ovide Duvalier in Port-au-Prince completely destroyed in the earthquake? If so are there records in existence somewhere for a 1974-1976 alumni? If you know, would you please share with me. I would be forever grateful to you."

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Mezanmi... Anplwaye lopital Notre-Dame Ti Goave yo ap fè grèv, lopital la sanse paralize taa dapre nouvel yo. Gen 80 amplwaye ki ap...

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