Banking in haiti - long lines

Banking in haiti - long lines

Going to the bank in haiti yon can expect long lines.

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Many Haitians complain others are cutting the lines in various offices while they wait for service; they think it's unfair... They call it "Moun Pa" but does this only exist in Haiti?

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There is one UNIBANK branch in the city of Hinche Haiti, people drive all the way from Maissade, Marmont, Thomonde, Thomassique, Lospalis, Cerca la Source, Cerca Carvajal for all their banking needs... There are 3 bank tellers at most, and lines are excessively long...

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The other day, I walked to a Bank in Haiti to open a Bank account and the customer service representative told me that I need to have an electric bill in my name as proof of address before I could open that bank account.

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If you live in Maissade and you want to go to the bank, say to cash your check, you have to drive all the way to Hinche to do that...

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I am standing in line at a bank in Haiti, the line is so long. Some friends suggest I switch bank. That bank always has long lines, my friends tell me....

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