Banks in Haiti - From Maissade to Hinche Just to Cash a Check

If you live in Maissade and you want to go to the bank, say to cash your check, you have to drive all the way to Hinche to do that...

Banking in haiti - long lines

True story... The other day I met a distant cousin from Maissade and I asked him why he was in town, he told me he has to do all his banking in Hinche because there are NO banks in Maissade.

Maissade Haiti, more than 40,000 inhabitants and not a single bank. I use Maissade as an example but I am sure there are many small tows in Haiti with this problem.

Now I understand why Hinche residents have to stand in line for hours to get service. There is only ONE branch for each bank in Hinche and that branch is there to serve residents of Hinche and other surrounding towns.

What do you think about that?

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Rich says...


I'm sorry to say that, but the cold truth is that I gotta say it, cause is the truth.

that Haiti is very far from becomes one of the modern countries, period.

specially for most people Haiti is P-au-P, without the rest of the country.

but I pray that day come soon! the day Haitians people will at least live like those who live in Bronx NY. or

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