Banks in Haiti - Which Bank Do You Prefer?

I am standing in line at a bank in Haiti, the line is so long. Some friends suggest I switch bank. That bank always has long lines, my friends tell me....

Banking in haiti - long lines

Every time I go to that bank. I expect to be in line for at least an hour or two.

Plus... All the money transfer customers they have priority; they get to cut right in front of the line. So do senior citizens.

Just when you think... "Finally, five people in front of me" Three more people arrive for a money transfer... Three more seniors walk in...

You are back to the #12 position...

San kontrole self-made VIPs yo who cut the line just because they can...

Ohhhh... I almost forgot to tell you... There is only one bank teller....

Do you bank in Haiti?

Which bank do you prefer and why?

BNC? Sogebank? Unibank? Capital bank?

Tell us about your experience banking in Haiti.

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Pat J Louis says...

I like them all. Sogebank and Unibank are the two I use the most. As long as you remain inconspicuous and use the "buddy system" banking in Haiti is a breeze.

Of course, it is true the lines are ludicrous, similar to that of a DMV office, but it gives me time to read the Le Nouvelliste

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Me says...

There's no bank in Haiti, I know that there is a group of mafia there.

If you want to know about that, put your money in a bank there and if you still alive when you come out let me know...Gangs on motorcycle are link with employees inside the banks and there is no way to live with

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Bijoly D says...

All of them are shady.

Customer service in haiti is not

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John says...

Mwen pa renmen youn tout se tet fe mal yo ye, ou pa fe yo

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Joseph Vallon says...

My friend, I really don't know about Bank in Haiti because I am not in

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