New Haiti Banking Measures Catches Diaspora Haitians Off Guard

The other day, I walked to a Bank in Haiti to open a Bank account and the customer service representative told me that I need to have an electric bill in my name as proof of address before I could open that bank account.

Banking in haiti - long lines

What the heck? The electric bill is under my cousin's name...

"Do you guys have the same last name?" the rep asks me.

"Nope!" I replied.

"In that case, Mr. Saint Preux, you need to go home and come back with a notarized document from your cousin attesting that you actually live in this address before you can open the bank account," she replied.

What??? you didn't know?

In order to open a bank account in Haiti these days you need Proof of Address my friend... And by that I mean an electric bill with a PAID stamp on it... Or something of that sort...

This is not just the rule for a specific bank, this is for ALL banks operating in Haiti... This is an order from Haiti's Central Bank... NO Proof of address... NO Bank Account.

I spotted many Haitians from the diaspora complaining inside the bank about this. "What if I don't live in Haiti?" They ask. One lady, a Dominican resident who was visiting her mother in country side Haiti, she was overheating inside the bank...

Nou te bezwen lod nan dezod... Men Lod... LOL...

I sarcastically asked the bank rep this question:

E si yon moun rete andeyo Haiti, li ba ka louvri yon kane bank? Yo pa gen address, ni bill kouran...

(What about the peasants from the country side, they cannot open a bank account for they do not have street addresses not electric bils)

She replied: "fok yon juje de paix oswa yon notaire bay yon atestation ke yo viv la"

(A local judge or Notary must attest that they live there)

There you have it my friend, If you do not have legal proof of address in Haiti you can no longer open a Bank account

What do you think about that?

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Marie V says...

I plan to retire in my country so i need to get my affairs ready before the final move so, how do i go about opening an account.

i need that account to have my monthly check deposited there

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Schiller Joseph says...

Law and Order.

It will decrease all of the corruptions in the

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Catherine Flon says...

I think that the most stupid and unrealistic decision the central bank can make but I am not surprised because that's what keep Haïti poor because Haïti is richer in natural ressources than many so called rich countries its the stupid Haitians that can manage it. When you pass a rule, you should ask, what economic value the decision will bring and if it's worth

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Gerry Marshall says...

That's called shooting yourself in the foot. Clearly there is a disconnect between the basic understanding of economics by the central bank of Haiti and the economics of capital flow into the country.

I'm sure that part of this measure has to do with capital flow out of other countries into haiti.

Someone is concern that too much capital will drive inflation.

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Wow Ayiti says...

In US Canada you only need your ID and social security number not the actual card and you set. A light bill under your name that fishy to

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Jacques Y Charleron says...

Je suis jacques jaimerai ouver un compts en

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Doriza says...

There is one comment O agree with yes we stay in a country were you can have a million $ in your account were you sleep safe at night without worry that were ZINGLINDO will come to your house at night and kidnap you or a love one for randsome...

yoi can bearly withdraw money safely without being scare that they waiting for you outside to kill you for that

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Ti Jak says...

Wi papa sa kap pase. Zetazini, fwans è zanmi pa-yo se

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Kelly says...

when you want to open a bank account in the USA they ask for proof of address and you comply but when they try to do it the right way in Haiti you complain.

what a country!!! anything that has to do with order and discipline is repulsive to Haitians.

nous fek carre nager dans la

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David Blaise says...

Hi to all!
I am concerned about Haiti with everything that is going on right now. I have a feeling that Martelly is giving away the country to those Bourjois RESTAVEK who have not done anything to uplift our citizen from poverty.

These group of people were already responsible for 54% of the country's wealth, now is shooting right around 63%.

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