My Close Encounter with Cholera in Haiti - A True Story

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I arrived in Hinche Haiti a couple weeks ago only to learn that my uncle is in the hospital with CHOLERA... "There are many cholera patients at St Therese Hospital in Hinche," my auntie informed me. "They are in a tent like area built in the front yard, each laying on a wooden bed with a hole in it and a bucket underneath...

"WHAT??? My uncle too???"

After my auntie described this to me, I did not have the courage to go see my uncle at the hospital... I just couldn't.

First of all, it was the first time I heard about cholera in Hinche since going back there to live. So I was kind of shocked to be this close to it.

I couldn't see him like that... Imagine seeing someone you love laying in a bed with a hole in it and a bucket underneath.

"What do you mean by 'a hole on the bed' with a bucked underneath?" I asked my auntie...

"Kolera pa baw tan non pou-w di ou gen poupou, ale we pou-w ta gentan desann kabann la," she replied (Cholera doesn't even give you the time to say 'I gotta go', so a person with cholera doesn't have time to get out of bed and run to the toilet)

I've been out with my uncle so many times, I could've been a cholera victim just like him, I could've been right there when he caught the darn cholera virus.

I really believe that those responsible for introducing cholera in Haiti should pay to get rid of it.

What do you think?

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My heart goes out to all the cholera victims out there!

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