Does the "Moun Pa" phenomenon only exist in Haiti?

Many Haitians complain others are cutting the lines in various offices while they wait for service; they think it's unfair... They call it "Moun Pa" but does this only exist in Haiti?

Banking in haiti - long lines

It may be bad customer service but is that something you would only see happening in Haiti?

Let me ask you a question:

Let's say you work in a bank and your brother walks in to make a deposit. Will you let him wait in the long line or will your get him in and out as quickly as you can?

Here is another question that is more Direct to the reality in Haiti:

You are working in an office and the Senator who got yout the job (your Parenn) sends a friend to you for help (pou w ba li sèvis), Will you dare make him wait online or will you help right away? Do you have a choice?

Would you feel guilty for doing it?

Do you think only Haitians do this sort of thing?

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Sé ti maléré ki paka manjé yo sanzavé yo ap fè soufri, nan ki anglè mwen fout yé, yon bann mou pa menm konnen li ak ékri, mwen pa bézwen menm palé de zafè fransè.

Mézanmi kisa ti pèp pyé sal parèy mwen yo pwal konpran nan pakèt gwo anglè sa yo?

gadé map viv o Kanada dépi an 1990 rivé jis an 2017 la; madanm mwen sé Jamaicaine, épil palé sèlman anglè, nou maryé dépi an 2006; malgré sa pakèt anglè sa yo tounen lang Chinois poumen paském pa konpran, sa noumenm ti maléré yo pwal konpran nan pakèt anglè sa yo?

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Hermann Vendryes says...

It's done everywere not only in

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Subject: Does the "Moun Pa" phenomenon only exist in Haiti? edit

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