Im curious because you mentioned that you werent haitian. Ive...

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Im curious because you mentioned that you werent haitian.

Ive seen you written alot in these blogs.

My question is, if your not Haitian then why have you written so much in these blogs about what haiti should be doing?

why are you worried about?

As im reading your blog, at the end you wrote "The world is going to get tired of your act pretty soon and you will be let alone to face your miserable fate that you so deserved".

All i can i say that it will be a DREAM come true for haiti to be left alone because if that were to be the case Haiti would not be in the situation that it is in. Since 1915, outsiders have always had their hands in haitian affairs.

The US invades haiti telling the world that they had to protect their interests which is completely FALSE.

The real reason why they invaded Haiti because the haitian govt did not want to allow american corporations to buy haitian lands.

So in exercising our soverignty, like any other country would do, we suffer invasion and occuption.

They come in rewrite our consitution and destroy the haitian army and rebuild it to protect american interests.

Then you get the Duvaliers who are put in power by the US. Look up a senator by the name of jesse helms and see the damaged he caused in haiti.

Then you get a leader by the name of aristide who actually tried to make changes over thrown in a COUP twice.yes the US was behind the 91 coup. The CIA wrecks hell in the country by training FRAPH that murdered thousands of haitians creating all that violence and instability in the country.Then you have that bastard clinton who claims to care for haiti so much when he fact he literally put a gun to aristide's head to sign over all state own companies because his idea for haiti is to turn haiti into sweatshop.

Haitians know that haiti has always been a agriculture country.

Haiti grew its own rice for the entire country.

But because of clinton and his lovely agruicultural policies, flooding haiti with all those subsidized cheap imports of rice, it drove the local farmers out of business.

Oddly enough its interesting that no own mentions the millions of dollars that the clintons along with hilary's brother had made millions owning literally of all the assests of the haitian phone company teleco that was once a state monoply.Also When you get the chance look up an individual by the name of Emmanuel Toto Constant interview with Ed bradley on 60 mins. So that fact of that matter is that everything has been done to destroy the haitian state by outsiders, not the haitian people.

So when you say that the world is going to get tired of us and leave us to our fate, I will be rejoicing when that day actually comes.

Kat, April 26 2010, 11:41 AM

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Frantz Pierrot, 24-Apr-10 1:59 pm
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Adams Montenegro, 25-Apr-10 2:13 pm
Im curious because you mentioned that you werent haitian. Ive seen you written alot in these blogs. My question is, if your not Haitian then why... read more >
Kat, 26-Apr-10 11:41 am
You are right, Haiti's problems is not Haitians alone. Perhaps the best thing that could happen to Haiti is to be left alone. To breath its own air... read more >
Bernadette S., 26-Apr-10 8:47 pm
Yea and unfortunately it will not happen. The US and the international community will always find a way to mind haiti's business. The sad thing... read more >
Kat, 29-Apr-10 8:40 am
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