Haiti Wants Food Aid To Stop?

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Topic: Haiti Wants Food Aid To Stop?

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It is a hard subject, but I believe that it is too early to stop the food aid I know we have serious issues, and are freeloaders. The victims should... read more >
Josy, 21-Apr-10 8:25 pm
This article is so true, I hope every single Haitian out there who hope for a change read this article and understand what is going right now back... read more >
Thomas Valcin, 21-Apr-10 8:41 pm
I never could understand why send food to a place that can grow their own. Why not give the people what they are missing to grow & keep their goods... read more >
Judith Jolicoeur, 21-Apr-10 9:26 pm
Bonswa tout moun.Mwen panse desisyon sa se yon move desisyon ki pap bon pou peyi a ditou, mwen twouve sa dwol anpil paske Ayisyen besyen mange... read more >
Louis Yverlens, 22-Apr-10 8:48 am
I can not believe that the government is doing that. All they have to do is registering the needy in order to keep the greedy out. It is just a... read more >
Miggy, 22-Apr-10 9:26 am
Bon pour moi c'est pas vraiment la solution de bloquer l'aide humanitaire d'apres pour moi pour l'agriculture de notre pays ont peux acheter les... read more >
Guerlens Venet, 22-Apr-10 9:27 am
Si moun yo grangou yo pa kapab kite la fin tue yo, avan gouvenman di sa, yo dwe kreye travay bay tout moun ki nan peyi dayiti pou moun yo kapab viv. read more >
Ruthy Cesar, 22-Apr-10 10:13 am
It's no different here in the United states...people who are not affected by the hurricanes..all line up for the free food stamps and bottled water... read more >
Antoinette, 22-Apr-10 11:39 am
It's ashame. Haitians have always been there own worst enemy and this is just another example of it. That is why Haiti is in the condition that it... read more >
Luceanna, 22-Apr-10 12:36 pm
Don't be so selflessness, give a solution. read more >
T Laguerre, 22-Apr-10 1:20 pm
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