Haiti Wants Food Aid To Stop?

Yes I know... Your jaws probably dropped when you read this but it's true. The Haitian government wants food aid to Haiti to stop.

Stop food donations to haiti

Why you ask?

Because... Haitians who are NOT earthquake victims are moving into refugee camps for the FREE food and FREE healthcare[II]

Piiii... YAY... LOL...

It's OK... You can laugh, I won't be upset!

There is so much FREE food flowing into the refugee camps that it is affecting the Haitian economy.

Basically, the local farmers can't sell what they grow and that is creating even more victims... if you know what I mean.

Why would you buy food if you can get it for FREE?

Like they say in English, too much or anything is bad for you, including FREE food!


I am writing this and I am laughing...

Can you believe this?

Haiti wants food aid to stop...

Really, it was on the CBS Evening News!

Apparently the abundance of food supplies coming to Haiti is causing problems.

Maybe now is NOT a good time to bring this up but... Hell... It's true

Haitien deja renmen piyay deja and now that everything is virtually FREE for Haiti earthquake victims... guess what...

Now everybody is an earthquake victim....

Let me ask you a question:

Have you noticed that most of the people in your family that you send money transfers to on a regular basis never get anywhere in life?

They just lay there like a freakin' baby... sucking on that nipple...


Boy... We have a lot or work to do...

Until we admit to ourselves that most of the people we know are freeloaders, we can dream change all we want but will never move forward.

Se sa mesye dam... Bwè lait... LOL....

What do you think about all this?

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Suzette says...

I think the Haitian Government need to find a way to organise the food distribution with international organisations because I know while a group is still getting to much food there are also many others who never get anything even if they were affected by the hearthquake.

We all know in Haiti is mostly who know.
Instead of stoping the food distribution; they need to organize

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Kat says...

you know people always got to go put there two cents on stuff they known nothing

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Edner Saint-amour says...

Vous pouvez aller la vous voulez comme nation.

Rien ne peut le dire que Haiti ne deviendra une grande Nation, tout depend de la volonte des responsables politiques et la formation des citoyens dont l'esprit est oriente ou non vers le changement.

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Sam says...

I agree with u totally I don't no why dis nigga f*ckin care about us 4real tho he needs to go f*ck himself nd leave us

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Kat says...

Yea and unfortunately it will not happen.

The US and the international community will always find a way to mind haiti's business.

The sad thing about it is that not just Haiti has suffered from US involvement.

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Bernadette S. says...

You are right, Haiti's problems is not Haitians alone.

Perhaps the best thing that could happen to Haiti is to be left alone.

To breath its own air and generate its own energy.

Haiti might need to leak it wounds all by itself without interference from outsiders...


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Kat says...

Im curious because you mentioned that you werent haitian.

Ive seen you written alot in these blogs.

My question is, if your not Haitian then why have you written so much in these blogs about what haiti should be doing?

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Adams Montenegro says...

What is the point of all my writings?

What is it all about?

Well, read, re-read a thousand times if you have to. The point was very clear.

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Adams Montenegro says...

Focus for a second, Can Haiti build roads, construct hospital, construct healthy communities for its youngsters, appropriate parks, adequate schools, construction materials, texile factories to clothes our people, solid farm and incentive packages to our farmers so they can take good care of our land Do you take great pride in your agricultural system, if you have one?

Pride is when you do good things to and for your country.

Not How many people left the country and they do good OUTSIDE of the country.

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Frantz Pierrot says...

I agree the country should be united into one island .But with all due respect it should be HAITI NOT the Dominican republic.

After all HAITI does have a lot more to offer to the world .Go to any hospital in NY-- Paris --Munich--- Spain just to name a few, how many Dominican or Cuban doctors, nurses, specialist do you find comparing to the Haitian.

In the US the Haitians are a lot more successfull than any other black or hispanic immigrant (including Cuba).

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