Focus for a second, Can Haiti build roads, construct hospital...

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Focus for a second, Can Haiti build roads, construct hospital, construct healthy communities for its youngsters, appropriate parks, adequate schools, construction materials, texile factories to clothes our people, solid farm and incentive packages to our farmers so they can take good care of our land Do you take great pride in your agricultural system, if you have one?

Pride is when you do good things to and for your country.

Not How many people left the country and they do good OUTSIDE of the country.

This is not Pride.

It is carelessness and unpatriotic.

No matter how much you said you like Haiti, cherie, I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU. This is just an empty sloagan to assuage you false pride and to pretend things are o.k. no matter how bad they look. so that you can continue in your stupor while the more savages of you indulge in canibalism.

If you do not believe watch your own videos on this very internet.

You like to talk about culture, What culture?

you despise your women, you rape them you marry them after you mistreated them and get them pregnant10 to 15 times in their life time.Then you take a younger woman you repeated the same process, and a third, and a forth...At the end of your life you may end with 75 kids that is the normal normal in Haiti.

Women's life is cheap because you have no respect for life in general, no respect for children, no respect for elderlies, no respect for your brothers only YOU count Your negotiation skills is your stupid machette you use it on anyone who disagree with you. Your time is gone, it is just about the time you make room for people who can make Haiti proper, oops, I mean make ST. DOMINGUE PROSPER.

St. Domingue suffers too long in the hands of incompetents and blood thursty neanderthals.

We will make your evacuation as painless as possible throughout remote places around the Island, you will be fed and clothed.You will be allowed 5 children per family and one woman per lifetime and vice versa.

We will provide you with a school system and a health care facility.

fully staff.

We are generous and fair people.

We will not mistreat you as long as you behaved.

You will be able to practice catholicism and vodoism as you see fit. You will be allowed one trip per year to the Capital and can bring back with you a luggage no more than 100 pounds.

Objects that could be used as a weapon will a be prohibited purchase (knives, box cutters)ect....As a consequence Hefty fine will be given to the buyer and the purchaser.

If you truly love your country, let it go, give it to people who can turn it to what it was 222 years ago when the FRENCH WERE IN POWER.

Nowe that was truly St. Domingue, La Perle Des Antilles.

Haiti can be that Island, again.

you people just have got to get OUT. We have enough of your stupidity.

Haiti is in our garden, next door to us. we will not let it deteriorate anymore.

Those barbarians must leave.

Adams Montenegro, April 24 2010, 3:11 PM

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our people are not stupid. this articles is to see how the haitians population feel about the aid been stop we the nation we are calling for... read more >
Martine Civil, 23-Apr-10 2:39 am
You know what, I have never met such ignorant bastards than you people. Not even Africans are not as ignorant as you folks. The rice was a... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 23-Apr-10 7:27 pm
What exactly RACE or Nationality got to do with picking up after yourself? Answer the question? Be truthful and stop the DENIAL game. As a matter of... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 23-Apr-10 9:24 pm
We eat green plantains, you eat sweet plantains. Get it, go to your black mountain and meditate. Cubanos y Ha read more >
T Laguerre, 24-Apr-10 8:45 am
I agree the country should be united into one island.But with all due respect it should be HAITI NOT the Dominican republic. After all HAITI does... read more >
Frantz Pierrot, 24-Apr-10 1:59 pm
Focus for a second, Can Haiti build roads, construct hospital,construct healthy communities for its youngsters,appropriate parks, adequate schools... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 24-Apr-10 3:11 pm
What is the point of all my writings? What is it all about? Well, read, re-read a thousand times if you have to. The point was very clear. If after... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 25-Apr-10 2:13 pm
Im curious because you mentioned that you werent haitian. Ive seen you written alot in these blogs. My question is, if your not Haitian then why... read more >
Kat, 26-Apr-10 11:41 am
You are right, Haiti's problems is not Haitians alone. Perhaps the best thing that could happen to Haiti is to be left alone. To breath its own air... read more >
Bernadette S., 26-Apr-10 8:47 pm
Yea and unfortunately it will not happen. The US and the international community will always find a way to mind haiti's business. The sad thing... read more >
Kat, 29-Apr-10 8:40 am
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