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What is the point of all my writings?

What is it all about?

Well, read, re-read a thousand times if you have to. The point was very clear.

If after 206 years of management all you can come up with is internal political gripes, kidnappings, famine, raping of youngsters, cannibalism.and deep seated hatred among yourselves.

NO AMOUNT of foreign aid will fix those issues.They are genetically within the people themselves.

No amount of TEACHING can take care of this problem.

Haiti had received foreign aid in the past and nothing was solve.

What makes you think things will change this time?

Haiti will be more of the same. UNLESS a civilized nation can take over to instill the necessities of what constitutes a civilized nation.

i.e. good roads, adequate form of communications, fresh, nutritious food for the people, adequate housing, good schools, modern hospitals, stiff rules and regulations that protect the youngsters, women, elders.

People who don't follow these rule will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Now, Do you understand?

The point is that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

If you truly love your country, then leave it to people who can practice good governance and good management to save Haiti.

By the way, the blogs were about Haiti - Not a comparative analytical analysis.

Haiti must be occupied one more time for a long long time in order gain its strength again.

Reality can be painful, but it is what it is.
Adams Montenegro

Adams Montenegro, April 25 2010, 2:13 PM

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Topic: Haiti Wants Food Aid To Stop?

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our people are not stupid. this articles is to see how the haitians population feel about the aid been stop we the nation we are calling for... read more >
Martine Civil, 23-Apr-10 2:39 am
You know what, I have never met such ignorant bastards than you people. Not even Africans are not as ignorant as you folks. The rice was a... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 23-Apr-10 7:27 pm
What exactly RACE or Nationality got to do with picking up after yourself? Answer the question? Be truthful and stop the DENIAL game. As a matter of... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 23-Apr-10 9:24 pm
We eat green plantains, you eat sweet plantains. Get it, go to your black mountain and meditate. Cubanos y Ha read more >
T Laguerre, 24-Apr-10 8:45 am
I agree the country should be united into one island.But with all due respect it should be HAITI NOT the Dominican republic. After all HAITI does... read more >
Frantz Pierrot, 24-Apr-10 1:59 pm
Focus for a second, Can Haiti build roads, construct hospital,construct healthy communities for its youngsters,appropriate parks, adequate schools... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 24-Apr-10 3:11 pm
What is the point of all my writings? What is it all about? Well, read, re-read a thousand times if you have to. The point was very clear. If after... read more >
Adams Montenegro, 25-Apr-10 2:13 pm
Im curious because you mentioned that you werent haitian. Ive seen you written alot in these blogs. My question is, if your not Haitian then why... read more >
Kat, 26-Apr-10 11:41 am
You are right, Haiti's problems is not Haitians alone. Perhaps the best thing that could happen to Haiti is to be left alone. To breath its own air... read more >
Bernadette S., 26-Apr-10 8:47 pm
Yea and unfortunately it will not happen. The US and the international community will always find a way to mind haiti's business. The sad thing... read more >
Kat, 29-Apr-10 8:40 am
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