This is awful. How horrible?!

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This is awful.

How horrible?


Mireille, December 9 2008, 10:22 PM

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Topic: Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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ok how can this man sit there and allow someone to cut off his hands. i dont speak spanish, so i dont understand whats being said. read more >
Wendy, 9-Dec-08 9:41 pm
This doesnt make sense, why would he just let them do that? They would have to kill me. read more >
Clnmike, 9-Dec-08 10:01 pm
This Haitia man let the dominican cut off his hands because the domincan man told him in spanish "you move your hand and I will cut off your head" read more >
Jean, 9-Dec-08 10:10 pm
Why is he sending this video here, he should of given it to the authorities or the news channels. read more >
Clnmike, 9-Dec-08 10:11 pm
I think this is terrible what our Haitian brothers are going through. It's just sad. read more >
Madeline Paul, 9-Dec-08 10:21 pm
I am getting words that this video may have been a hoax,,, I watched the video several times and it looks real to me, nor can I detect any... read more >
Stew, 9-Dec-08 10:21 pm
This is awful. How horrible?! read more >
Mireille, 9-Dec-08 10:22 pm
I believe that this video is a fake. I was going to send it out to my list, but after looking at it closely and receiving someone else's opinion of... read more >
Jean C, 9-Dec-08 10:25 pm
Dont you get it my Haitian people? The Dominican women come to work in our night clubs and our Haitian young men work the sugar cane field of "punta... read more >
Geo, 9-Dec-08 11:07 pm
What does the dominican republic government has to say about that cruelty. where is justice? read more >
Ernest, 10-Dec-08 12:27 am
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