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I understand your feelings about the past.
Nevertheless, I believe the French language
is an opportunity for young Haitian-Americans to increase their cultural
knowledge of the world community.

I would
love to be able to speak creole in order
to better communicate with some of the parents of my students of French.

has not allowed me to do that. Nevertheless, my Haitian-American students
excel at French and enjoy the language and

I know in some schools creole is
taught - we have not reached that point.

Nevertheless, there are some wonderful
advantages to life in the US. I, too, would like to visit my roots in Italy
again some day. It does not deter me
from enjoying other languages and other

My grandmother and aunts all
worked very hard in factories.

My dad
did not have an easy existence.

My dad
was always proud of being American, I realize that today our country does not
have a great reputation and I am certainly
not qualified to comment on all of that.
I have truly enjoyed teaching my Haitian

They are warm, talented and
have that special spark for which I mourn
my dear deceased husband.

This year I
only received two "thank yous" for my
hard work all year. One of them was a
Haitian student whose French is better
than most of my students.

I was so
thankful to receive this thank you - it
makes the New Year alone seem not so
frightening, not so alienating.

a comment - holidays are hard for widows
and all those who have lost loved ones.
As you go back I wish you find what you
are looking for, but I trust that you
will find also some inner peace here in
the US. I'm still searching for that -

Mrs. Loretta Graziano, December 30 2006, 2:40 PM

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Franck Gedin, 4-Jan-07 6:14 pm
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