Happy New Year of 2007

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It is very normal to feel the need to go back to your root and build yourself strong enough to face what your future reality will eventually look like. You have been very strong to not only realize and decide to do something about it the best way you could think of, but also you share your experience with US. It is at time scary to realize that whether we want it or not WE ARE HEADING TOWARD BECOMING THE NEW GENERATION IN CHARGE.

We get to know that when:
· Our yesterday's toddler(s) -for those among us who have kid(s)- are now teenager(s),
· Our friend(s) are all married or getting divorced
· Our grandparents are gone
· Our favorite singers -the ones we used to love when we were kids- are falling like "Mango Mi"
· Our parents' hair is all grayed out and they start needing cane or special chair to move around
· Our partners see us with the wrong eyes if we still see them as our girlfriend (or boyfriend depends on the case) and not as a wife...

Whether we want it, ready for it, or ignore seeing it coming, we are to replace the ones who are leaving.

The way we will do that is going to be our own call. Some will take the short and easy way and some will be strong to face the challenges of life.
I have a dad who is very protective toward his children up to feel that is not safe to present reality of life to them around their adolescence.

I had to learn everything on my own, the hard way through friends and other people.

I have not been lucky enough in my younger age to have a story as interesting and as strong as yours -Woody-, but one thing is sure: I have a past that I learned from and I believe is going to guide me toward a very bright and successful future.

My parents' are from the countryside of Haiti as well. My mom is from "Cavaillon - Les Cayes" and my dad is from "Trouin - between Grand Goave and Jacmel".

I have not been lucky to enjoy the beauty of the countryside of Haiti as much as many of you might have. But I am sure that one day, things will get better and then I will be able to see this side of my country.

May God bless you all, and may you see the light and decide to go the right way.

Mackington Joseph, December 30 2006, 6:46 PM

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It is very normal to feel the need to go back to your root and build yourself strong enough to face what your future reality will eventually look... read more >
Mackington Joseph, 30-Dec-06 6:46 pm
Carol Aka Tica, 30-Dec-06 7:47 pm
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Fabie, 30-Dec-06 7:48 pm
i don't have a comments, but i will love to see your picture, please send your picture ok read more >
Angie, 30-Dec-06 8:20 pm
That's an amazing truth that you spoke about (especially about "Should I let paved roads, electricity, and running water in a foreign country blind... read more >
Lyli, 30-Dec-06 11:46 pm
Dear Woodring, My name is Jessica and I'm a 21 year Haitian American who yerns for answers about my heritage greatly. Both my parents were born in... read more >
Jessica, 3-Jan-07 1:55 pm
Woody,I must say one thing I like about you is that you have a vision. I noticed that since I met you in "Vin---" Cambridge, MA. We are both young... read more >
Franty Cleophat, 3-Jan-07 2:59 pm
In the relatively short time that I've become acquainted with you,Woodring,my admiration for the young man that you are has grown many folds. I sooo... read more >
Yanick, 3-Jan-07 7:54 pm
I amm here concerned to indicate the question about the new year resolution which are for the philosopher to answer, and to distinguish them from... read more >
Franck Gedin, 4-Jan-07 6:14 pm
Jessica let me tell you something. Fear is a barrier to your dreams. If you are afraid to to take action, then actions will never be taken nor... read more >
Franty Cleophat, 5-Jan-07 12:53 am
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