Hi, I would like to thank all the Developers for the huge...

Willio Laguerre - February 28 2016, 6:13 PM


I would like to thank all the Developers for the huge project for Haiti specially La Gonave.

I have read and watch the video and I understand.

I, as Haitian I would be pleased to applause this project, because almost every country in the world whom has step forward now is because of a project like this. Haiti is the whom does not have this project and now has a chance to have the opportunity to have the mejor project for La Gonave.

I would like to see my country (Haiti) move forward by improving the rest of world that we are a wise nation.

But, to do so, the government of Haiti must know this project will be good for Haiti.

I, as Haitian, I am really concerned about the development of Haiti which suppose to be same for each citizen of Haiti.

I am actually living in Canada but I will go to Haiti to spread and explain the project explanation to all Haitians.

Now, how will I transfer that message?

I am going to the most listening radio stations in the capital and in the provinces.

Before I do that, I am going to take with me 9 more persons, which can make us a group.

I will make sure they everyone knows about the project and we are all going to visit La Gonave before we can go to the radio stations to give explanation about the project.

As we are going to fight for that to be possible if God willing, we would like to ask the Developers of this project to be patient for us. I know that the Developers have been waiting for almost 3 years, which is a long time. But I only know about it not too long ago. I would like to be guaranteed by the Developers by replying to me and saying that they will be patient.

Please reply to me at:mariolaguerre [at] shaw. ca or williolaguerre [at] shaw. ca or williolaguerre323 [at] gmail.com .I am going to Haiti in April.

Thank you!

Willio Laguerre

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