La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

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Topic: La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

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any project is good for Haiti read more >
Haitiando, 8-Dec-13 8:36 pm
I would be VERY surprised to see this project go forward. It is one of a dozen I know of which have been stifled. Unfortunately Haiti is only open... read more >
John Rigdon, 10-Dec-13 9:54 pm
Have you been to La Gonave? They are proposing to put a refinery on the only farmable land on the island. The mountain highlands are too arid even... read more >
John Rigdon, 10-Dec-13 10:17 pm
Do you know why they need the Island of La Gonave, because of its resources. Namely Oil. 48 Billion may seem a lot yes, But in 10 20 years from now... read more >
Pris, 11-Dec-13 8:28 pm
My two cents to La Gonave Development. You are probably one of the most self-fish, idiotic, arrogance, neo-colonialist individual in North America... read more >
Lou, 30-Dec-13 7:13 pm
What is the status of this project right now? I haven't seen anything official since 2010. read more >
Rebecca Barnes, 27-Aug-14 7:32 pm
I think it is a great project for Lagonave but after developping Lagonave all from the mother land will migrate there and we will have a mess so we... read more >
Pierre, 25-Mar-15 6:54 pm
La Gonave Haiti is the Poorest area in the entire western world!! I fear that these unfortunate poeple are going to get screwed by Big Oil and etc!... read more >
Scott, 18-Jun-15 6:10 pm
I think this project will be a benefit from the island. I suppose it a good something to lagonave. read more >
Moise, 12-Jul-15 4:45 pm
i think thats a great idea to bring jobs and development to my country i agree and approve it i hope that the government sign it as fast as possible read more >
Celuxene Fortilien, 19-Feb-16 7:02 am
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