La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

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Topic: La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

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I think this is a very good idea as long as what they say they mean it, I will not have any problem with that... I don't live in Haiti if there is a... read more >
Zette Dahaiti, 25-May-16 8:58 am
I like to see the project to going in haiti read more >
Paul Eustache, 20-Jan-17 5:08 pm
From what I've seen, the Lagonave Project could be a great thing for Haiti and the Haitian Peoples specially the Lagonave resideence. It will create... read more >
Gerald Jeanpierre, 11-Mar-17 12:08 pm
I truly believe it would be a wonderful idea for this project to go else where like in the capital. Lagonave as we know it may be the only virgin... read more >
Tafiate, 19-Dec-17 12:11 pm
This is a superb project and I want to help make it happen as long as it plays a role in the development of Haiti and its people.The director of the... read more >
R Cesaire, 27-May-18 6:57 pm
This is definitely a good project and i think it is a good idea too. read more >
Monique, 29-May-18 8:10 am
Sounds like the only hope for the Haitian people of La Gonave Island. I see a bright future for these dear people that have been truly suffering for... read more >
Donalyn Carmichael, 20-Jun-18 9:02 am
LA GONAVE looks like a "homeless man." we need to stand up to take our responsibility to move forward not backward. it is time to stand up,put our... read more >
Metilet Jean Jacques, 21-Aug-18 9:30 pm
who can invest in this project.I would rather the people of Haiti to invest in such project and what will happen to the people that live on the... read more >
Frandy Blain, 7-Feb-19 7:23 pm
This project is a soft invasion and take over of Haiti's biggest island. The developers want a 99 year lease of the Island and they want to have... read more >
Truth Seeker, 19-Jul-21 5:14 am
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