La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

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Topic: La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

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It's a great development project. As a Haitian who really want good things to happen to his country, I think it will be so important to us. Also, I... read more >
Benson, 13-Nov-13 8:09 am
What's not to like? This is no doubt the best opportunity for Haiti to really move forward. The best part of it is that, beside providing valuable... read more >
Paul, 13-Nov-13 9:32 am
I like the idea but I don't like the fact the head quarters will be in Houston Texas, it's a way for USA to take over the island. The Haitian... read more >
Pierre F On Facebook, 13-Nov-13 9:47 am
2 weeks ago, I asked one of my best friends what ever happened to the La Gonave Development Project that I had seen on the web about 2 years ago? He... read more >
Jean-claude B On Facebook, 13-Nov-13 9:48 am
i think haiti needs projects like this one we need to develop the country haiti is in need of change and developement job and tourism.the green... read more >
Merline Cherenfant, 13-Nov-13 10:04 am
This should have been approved longtime ago and moving forward. Where the leaders are visionless the people perish. Haitian people are "God", they... read more >
Legrand Parisien Salvant, 13-Nov-13 12:31 pm
This project sounds good from a business point of view. However, my concern is about the politics of this project. There were no details as to... read more >
Ana Dayiti, 13-Nov-13 4:21 pm
It is a great idea to have la gonave developped and that will an open door for all haitians. I hope the haitian gorvernment do their homework and... read more >
H Senatus, 14-Nov-13 2:09 am
As long you're not taking this island for yourself. The island of la Gonave belong to the people of haiti. The gouvernement of Haiti must be in... read more >
Maryse, 14-Nov-13 5:41 am
Haiti is open for business Vin'nou pwofite panden ke'l lap passe'a read more >
Turenne Jean-francois, 14-Nov-13 8:18 pm
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