The Haitian Government Wants your LAND... Say What?

QUESTION: What if the Haitian government asked you to give up your land in Haiti that has been passed down from generations to you because they need to build a new Highway, OR they want to develop the area, and you are in the middle of progress... Would you do it?

Land For Sale in Haiti

Would you agree to give it up for FREE?

Would you give it up for a price?

Would you give it up in exchange for land elsewhere?

Would you give up at all?

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Eric says...

It is my understanding that, although you hold the deed to the property it is yours in name only. The government owns Haiti soil and you are subject to their whim. Whether they are fair or not, if they want to use it or just get rid of an undesirable tenant (not owner - tenant), it's theirs for the

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Minouche says...

First I should be inform why give up my land and if it is fair enough the government should agree to give me a land in a better location may be I would give it

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John says...

map toujou vann li ba Gov pou fe yon bel bagay, paske sim pa vann li yo ka prann avek fos, mesie pa fe rebel pou yon bagay ka fe peyi a vinn bel pou lontan, menm jan ak L'Il a vach ke abitan yo ap fe inbesil, se yon zile ki pa gen dlo pa gen limie sou li, se yon zonn ki abandone depi Haiti pat ko rele Haiti pou jis ka

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Generese Marcelin says...

I can give it to them for a price or for exchange .I'm not

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Guy says...

You an idiot Rems

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Rems Leveille says...

NO! not for Free
NO! not for a price
NO!not for exchange
NO! not at

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