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Haiti Land Measurement - 'Carreau De Terre' and Centieme Explained

Land For Sale in Haiti In Haiti, the 'Carreau' is a unit of area used to measure land. One Carreau of land in Haiti is equivalent to 1.29 hectares or 3.18 acres of land. more »

Haiti Communique - Creation Nouvelle Brigade d'Intervention Contre l'Insecurite Fonciere (BRICIF)

Land For Sale in Haiti Haiti Gouvernement - Le Secrétariat général du Conseil des ministres informe qu'il a été décidé, par arrêté pris en Conseil des ministres du 12 juillet 2017, de créer la Brigade d'Intervention Contre l'Insécurité Foncière (BRICIF). more »

Land in Haiti - 2 chunks of downtown Port-au-Prince taken over by government for public use (eminent domain)

Land For Sale in Haiti The Haitian government had decided it's time to enlarge the State University Hospital of Port-au-Prince (l'Hopital de l'Université d'Etat d'Haiti - HUEH) and construct a new building for the Haitian firefighters. To do that, 2 chunks of downtown Port-au-Prince have been taken over for public use (utilité publique). more »

The Haitian Government Wants your LAND... Say What?

Land For Sale in Haiti QUESTION: What if the Haitian government asked you to give up your land in Haiti that has been passed down from generations to you because they need to build a new Highway, OR they want to develop the area, and you are in the middle of progress... Would you do it? more »

TIPS for buying land in Haiti - Te Tit Vs. Te Leta

Land For Sale in Haiti When buying land in Haiti, Make sure you are buying private land (tè tit) and not State owned land (tè leta) AND... even when it is private land, make sure you are buying land from the rightful owner. more »

Land in Haiti - What is a Centieme? What is a 50 par 100?

Land For Sale in Haiti Have you ever bought land in Haiti? more »