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Not everyone welcomes Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to California

NO to Haiti's Dictatorship, a sign reads, Lamothe / Penn you are not welcome here! --- A few Americans (four, it looks like) in California decided to protest against actor Sean Penn and Haitian prime minister Laurent Lamothe during their visit to Silicon Valley in November 2013...

Haiti Manifestation Updates: Visit BelPolitik.com

If you want to stay up-to-date with all the PRO and ANTI-Martelly protests that happened in Haiti Monday 18 Nov 2013, be sure to visit www.BelPolitik.com - Most of what you will read in the news today are recaps of these events. We are trying our best to keep you updated with all the political current events there...

USA Vs Haiti - Take the US Government out of the picture, you end up with a country like HAITI

What would the United States of America look like if we took government out of the picture, 'liberating' health care, education and assistance for the poor from the hands of government and leaving it entirely up to the free market and to churches and private charities? HAITI... That's what!

Haiti Top Priorities - Who decides what is or isn't a priority?

Let's play a little game... LOL... Let's assume for a moment that the president of Haiti, let's call him AKIM, and his administration decide that education, road building (infrastructure), electricity, tourism, job creation, industry, etc... are THE top priorities for Haiti right now...

VIDEO - President Martelly message, 17 Oct 2013, Death Of Dessalines

Watch the video... Message A La Nation - Haiti President Michel Martelly's message to Haitians everywhere on this 207th anniversary of the the death of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, October 17 2013

The New Haitian Army - First Mission: Build Roads

Petite Rivere de L'Aritibonite - What if Haiti had a military force that was actively involved in nation building? SMILE... It looks like this is what Haitian Defense Minister Jean-Rodolphe Joazile has in mind...

Haiti, Mwen Preske Pa Fe Nouvel Anko

Tout kote mwen pase Haiti, mwen wè moun k-ap brase lari-a pou yo chèche pen kotidyen yo, mwen wè tou travay konstriksyon ki ap fèt... Lè-m branche radio pou-m pran nouvèl peyi d'Haiti, se yon lòt Haiti total kapital mwen tande... Yon Haiti tèt anba... Alòs, mwen deside fe yon manifestation pèsonel, mwen prèske pa fè nouvel ankò.

Haiti Cholera - Why wont the United Nations (UN) take responsibility?

Everyone is pointing fingers at the United Nations for introducing cholera to Haiti but the United nations is playing politics, they say the evidence is inconclusive, they say they have immunity.

Haitian Judge Investigating First Family and top Haitian Officials is Dead

Haitian Judge Jean-Serge Joseph who ordered the court appearance of Haitian First Lady Sophia Martelly, Olivier Martelly, the Son of President Martelly, the Prime Minister and other government officials had died.

Britain reopens embassy in Haiti after 47 years

Britain has reopened its embassy in Haiti after being absent for nearly a half century, as part of an effort to broaden its diplomatic and business presence in the western hemisphere.