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Haiti, Mwen Preske Pa Fe Nouvel Anko

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... Tout kote mwen pase Haiti, mwen wè moun k-ap brase lari-a pou yo chèche pen kotidyen yo, mwen wè tou travay konstriksyon ki ap fèt... Lè-m branche radio pou-m pran nouvèl peyi d'Haiti, se yon lòt Haiti total kapital mwen tande... Yon Haiti tèt anba... Alòs, mwen deside fe yon manifestation pèsonel, mwen prèske pa fè nouvel ankò. more »

Haiti Cholera - Why wont the United Nations (UN) take responsibility?

Minustah And Cholera Are Twins Everyone is pointing fingers at the United Nations for introducing cholera to Haiti but the United nations is playing politics, they say the evidence is inconclusive, they say they have immunity. more »

Haitian Judge Investigating First Family and top Haitian Officials is Dead

haiti judge Jean-Serge Joseph Haitian Judge Jean-Serge Joseph who ordered the court appearance of Haitian First Lady Sophia Martelly, Olivier Martelly, the Son of President Martelly, the Prime Minister and other government officials had died. more »

Britain reopens embassy in Haiti after 47 years

Britain has reopened its embassy in Haiti after being absent for nearly a half century, as part of an effort to broaden its diplomatic and business presence in the western hemisphere. more »

POLL: Haiti Senate Greatest Moments

Haiti Palais Legislatif Question: What has come out of the Haitian parliament that you consider to be its greatest moments? more »

Harry LaRosiliere, Born in Haiti, First Black Mayor of Plano Texas

Harry LaRosiliere - Haitian-American Mayor of Plano Texas Did you know this? Last month, the city of Plano Texas elected their first Black mayor, Haitian-American financial advisor Harry LaRosiliere. Who would think that there would one day be a Haitian Mayor in the Lone Star State? more »

Haitian Mayoral Candidate Anna Pierre Endorsed By Jesus Christ

Anna Pierre, Candidate For Mayor, Endorsed by Jesus Christ Mezanmi... Eeee.... Did you know about this? Former Haitian singer Anna Pierre ran for mayor of North Miami FL claiming to be endorsed by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. more »

Lucie Tondreau Voted First Haitian-American female mayor of North Miami FL

Lucie Tondreau, First Haitian-American female mayor of North Miami FL History has been made once again in North Miami Florida, Haitian-American Lucie Tondreau has just been voted the first-ever Haitian-American female mayor of North Miami. more »

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, What do you think about him?

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at a Haitian Senate Hearing What do you think about Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe. Is he doing a good job? Is he doing a bad job? Could it be better? Could it be worse? more »

Linda Dorcena Forry, The First Haitian State Senator In Massachusetts

Linda Dorcena Forry - Haitian-American Senator in Massachusetts Earlier this week Linda Dorcena Forry, a Haitian-American member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2005 became the first Senator of Haitian descent in the state of Massachusetts. more »