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Black History Month - Georges Biassou, The Highest Ranking Haitian General In Florida USA

Geroges Biassou - Father Of The Haitian Revolution Did you know? Georges Biassou, one of the early leaders of the 1791 slave revolt that gave birth to the Haitian Revolution, was also Florida's highest ranking officer in the 1700s, a decorated general. more »

Did you know? Haiti's Iron Market Was Destined For Egypt!

Haiti Iron Market You probably heard about the Marche en Fer, the Iron Market in Port-au-Prince Haiti, but did you know that Haiti's iron market was supposed to be a landmark in Cairo Egypt? more »

Kwame Raoul - The First Haitian State Senator in Illinois

Senator Kwame Raoul In 1774, Jean Baptiste DuSable, a black frontierman born in Haiti, founded the City of Chicago, Illinois. more »

Haitian Politics- Do we know what we want?

Haiti Elections 2011 "There aren't any great men. there are just great challenges that ordinary men like you and me are forced by cicumstances to meet" -- Adm. William F. Halsey more »

Prosper Avril got April Fooled

Former Haiti President Prosper Avril steps out of the National Penitentiary a free man and, immediately, he is re-arrested by police... Yep... more »

Haitian Politics, What Politics

If you walk into a Haitian barber shop on a Saturday afternoon, you will hear enough "Politik" to make your head spin. more »

The Haitian White House - Palais National Has a Website

Haiti National Palace... Once upon a time in Haiti... Not too long ago, I found out that there is an official website for the Government of Haiti. more »