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Does Haiti have a Cholera Problem or Lack of Political Will?

Cholera Haiti - Cholera la toujou I just finished watching a CNN news report about another possible cholera outbreak in Haiti. The reason, they say, is because Haiti lacks access to clean water and the country has a huge sanitation problem, both causes of lack of money and "lack of political will" in Haiti... more »

Haiti President Martelly Lands in Hinche Haiti

Haiti President Martelly and Delegue Georges Garnier, Hinche Haiti Look at these photos of Haitian President Martelly landing in Hinche Haiti... This is the first time I have witnessed a president landing in my hometown of Hinche... so I wanted to share it with you... more »

Haiti Judge Jean-Serge Joseph was NOT Poisoned, Canada Coroner Confirms

haiti judge Jean-Serge Joseph Remember the death of Haitian Judge Jean-Serge Joseph which raised so much controversy in Haiti??? The autopsy results have been released... Canada coroner Jean Brochu concludes the probable cause of death of judge Joseph was cerebral hemorrhage... more »

Haiti President Martelly has the most Facebook followers of any Caribbean leader

Haiti President Michel Martelly Haiti President Michel Martelly has the most Facebook followers of any Caribbean leader... Twiplomacy, a leading global study of global leaders on twitter ranks the Haitian President as the top user among Caribbean Leaders... WOW... more »

Garry Conille, former Haiti Prime Minister, named Africa UNOPS Regional Director

Garry Conille Former Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille is now the new Regional Director of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) on the African continent... more »

The Military in Hispaniola: Dominican Republic 49,910 - Haiti ZERO (0)

The Haitian Armed Forces What is wrong with this picture? I was looking at the list of countries by number of active troops on Wikipedia and found out that on the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic has 49,910 military personnel on active duty while Haiti has ZERO... more »

Haiti President Martelly Going to Mandela Funeral in South Africa

Nelson Mandela Haiti president Michel Martelly is leaving Haiti Monday to join President Barack Obama and 60+ other Chiefs of State for the Funeral of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Haiti, as First Black Republic in the world, intends to make a tribute to this symbol of the universal struggle for equality of the human races and democracy, said an official note from Haiti's National Palace... more »

More than 60 Heads of State Going to Nelson Mandela Funeral

Nelson Mandela More than 60 heads of state have confirmed that they will attend services for Nelson Mandela in South Africa next week... The South African government says that includes all living American presidents -- except George H.W. Bush -- as well as 26 members of Congress... Is Haiti President Michel Martelly going? more »

Haiti Declares a day of Mourning for Nelson Mandela, Flag will be at Half Staff

Nelson Mandela Haiti President Michel Martelly has declared this day, 6 Dec 2013, as a national day of mourning to acknowledge the departure of President Nelson Mandela. Flags will be flying at half staff in Haiti today... A Haitian delegation will go Johannesburg for Mandela's funeral. more »

Haiti President Michel Martelly pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela President Michel Martelly pays tribute to the symbol of the anti-apartheid and Father of the democracy struggle in South Africa, Nelson Mandela aka "Madiba" more »