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Haiti - How Cite Soleil was born?

Cite Soleil has the reputation for being the worst bad ass slum in Haiti but did you know? Cite Soleil is a good idea in Haiti gone bad!

What Is Babydoc Duvalier Doing In Mitt Romney USA Politics?

What is the link between Babydoc Jean-Claude Duvalier and US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney???

New Haiti Constution In Effect, Haiti Recognizes Dual Citizenship

Haitian President Michel Martelly Tuesday signed an order authorizing the release after months of controversy, an amended version of the constitution of the country who recognize such dual citizenship for Haitians living abroad.

President Martelly and Arnel Belizaire Arrive at Delmas 33, Scene Of A Tragic Traffic Accident

Haitian President Martelly, Depute Arnel Belizaire and First Lady Sophia Martelly has just arrived on the scenes of Television National d'Haiti (TNH), now the scene of what will probably be remembered as one the worse traffic accidents in Haitian History.

Haiti New prime minister sworn in

Haiti's new Prime Minister Garry Conille was sworn into office Tuesday along with 16 cabinet ministers.

Back To School in Haiti Postponed

Back to school date in Haiti has been postponed from September 12 to October 2.

Origin Of Haiti Cholera Outbreak FOUND!

Scientists confirmed - It was a group of peacekeepers from Nepal that brought the cholera to Haiti.

BOT Project Financing - Could That Help Develop Haiti Faster?

I was always wondering what the proper term was for when a company comes into a country like Haiti, builds something, operates it, and hands it over to the government after a number of years.

Black History Month - Georges Biassou, The Highest Ranking Haitian General In Florida USA

Did you know? Georges Biassou, one of the early leaders of the 1791 slave revolt that gave birth to the Haitian Revolution, was also Florida's highest ranking officer in the 1700s, a decorated general.

Did you know? Haiti's Iron Market Was Destined For Egypt!

You probably heard about the Marche en Fer, the Iron Market in Port-au-Prince Haiti, but did you know that Haiti's iron market was supposed to be a landmark in Cairo Egypt?