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Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Dating Supermodel Petra Nemcova

Laurent Lamothe and Petra Nemcova - Front page of Ticket Magazine The front page of Ticket Magazine in Haiti reads: "LAURENT LAMONTHE ET PETRA NEMCOVA EMSEMBLE..." more »

Haiti: Electronic Voting in the Upcoming Elections? Maybe...

Electronic Voting - e-voting in Haiti Voters in Haiti may soon experience electronic voting, also known as e-voting. Sooner than you probably expected... more »

Cap Haitien Airport Renamed Hugo Chavez International Airport

Haiti President Michel Martelly and Venezuela President Hugo Chavez Haiti Travel - The Cap-Haitien International Airport a will now be called: Aéroport International Hugo Chavez after the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. more »

The Musical Chair In Haiti's Government

Chaises Paille - Musical Chairs in Haiti The Miami Herald calls the constant resignations and replacements of Haiti's government cabinet members a musical chair. more »

Spring Valley NY - Haitian Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret Arrested by the FBI

Noramie F Jasmin, First Female Haitian-American Mayor in New York Haitians in Spring Valley New York woke up this morning with a shocking news; The Haitian mayor of Spring Valley, Noramie Jasmin, along with Haitian Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret were arrested by the FBI in connection with a bribery scheme. more »

How Tough Is It To Hold a Government Job in Haiti?

Cockfight: Haiti's Senate Vs. the President I was taking to a friend of mine today and he said that most of the people he knows working in government jobs in Haiti (administration publique) spend one hour of their day actually doing the job they are hired to do and the rest of the time playing politics just so they can keep their jobs. more »

Haiti Observateur Reporter Prohibited From Writing About Laurent Lamothe

A Florida federal court judge has just ordered Haiti Observateur journalist Leo Joseph to Never... EVER... write about Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe... Ever again... Leo is not to write about Lamothe's professional, personal or political life. more »

Memorable Edition of RANMASSE on Radio Caraibes FM, Moise Jn-Charles Unplugged!

RTVC - Radio Television Caraibes FM Haiti Did anybody tune in to RANMASSE this weekend on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM? Se pa Moise Jean-Charles selman non ki te deploge... It was a jaw dropping experience, believe you me... more »

VIDEO - Clifford Brandt Haiti Palais National Badge FAKE - Press Conference

Clifford Brandt Haiti Palais National Badge Watch the video... Press conference given at Haiti Palais National proving that the Clifford Brandt Palace badge is FAKE... more »

Haiti News Soup -- Kidnapping, Clifford Brandt, Michel Martelly, Moise Jn-Charles, Lobey...

President Mitchele Matalla, Bandi Legal - Michel Martelly In case you haven't been following Haitian news in the past few days let me de-brief you... Kidnapping melanje ak Politik an Haiti! Bagay tèt chaje nèt al kole... more »